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  5. i've lost 63kg in total. wanna know my secret weapon?

i've lost 63kg in total. wanna know my secret weapon? Rss

he is u are under 70kg i doubt a doctor would give it to u unless u are super short....
with belly weight u need to build muscle there because the more muscle u have the more fat it will burn... so if u build a bit of tummy muscle and slowly loose those few kilos you should have a great tummy,
my tummy is transforming big time as i have been doin sit ups for about 2 months. still have fat ontop of the muscle but as i loose weight it will change..
side effects would be a dry mouth, but its not bad, makes me drink more water..
and insomnia some people have like crap quality sleep but mine is fine.. they r probably the main side effects, oh the very first time i took reductil i had nausea for the first fews days but wasnt bad and in the scheme of things is nothing compared to the weight i've lost. and its those first 3-4 days it doesnt work yet, it kicks in at about day 4 and its FABULOUS!!!!!!
I've just started on the 10mg Reductil.

I haven't suffered any side effects so far (touch wood), but I do notice that my appetite is reduced.

I paid $69.30 for 1 months supply from Chemist Warehouse.
[Edited on 05/02/2008]
[Edited on 05/02/2008]
$69 holly cow!!!!! is that a chemist in sydney?
how mnay days have u taken it? yeah i didnt really get side effects, or that i really noticed.. bit of a dry mouth but not bad..
do u feel energetic? im on 15mg wish there was a higher i recon your first 2-3 months is when it gives the most results becasue ite new to your body.. so i'd make the most of the first couple of months and go hard at it, diet and exercise..
reductil makers say if u dont loose 4kg in the 1st month see your doctor as u SHOULD loose a minimum of 4kg in 4 weeks..
you sound the same as me
i put on about the same with my pregnancies i started at 65kg got up over 100kg with jy and started about 75kg with zak lost 5 (thank you M/S) got up to about 90.
before this one i was 77kg.

you know what my secret is????

nothing LOL.
yeah i would like to know where u got the reductil for $60.30 aswell

i have a script sitting here that i have not been game enough to use yet i had 2 coures of durimine that has done nothhing but made me feel like crap

but now i think i may give it a go and at that price the man wont ming either

i have spent so much on tring 2 get rid of the excess weight from gym membership to bootcamp durimine at $100 each time is just nutts


I got the Reductil for $69.30 from Chemist Warehouse. They trade online as You can find out if there is one near you from that link. Hope that helps.

I haven't weighed myself... but I do notice that I'm eating smaller amounts of food now and I do feel my heart beating faster... so hopefully it's working on me.
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