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i've lost 63kg in total. wanna know my secret weapon? Lock Rss

my son is 2.5 i gained 40kg with his pregnancy and lost it all, my daughter is 4 months old i've lost 23kg of of 39kg i gained with her..

i always had little motivation because i would put the hard work in and loose very little weight.. was very depressing, so i saw my gp. he told me about reductil. its like duromine except less side effects.

my pre baby weight is 60kg. my full term weight with both kiddies got to 99-100kg.
lm now 77kg and feelin good havent exercised until now i just joined the gym to tone up and strength'n my back as i have a bad bad.. dont we all!

another tip is i have low gi cereal with skim milk and thats my only carbs for the day, the reductil takes away your apetite and gives u energy its brilliant!
it gives u result that you work hard for.

another tip i have, is my lunch everyday is a tin of salmon on vitaweets.. and if im hunrgy i then have a yogurt and an apple.

reductil is brilliant if u have serious weight to loose and loveeeeee food!
Congratulations! That is an awesome effort! You have suggested some great tips there too.

Wow that is an awesome weightloss, I am in the same boat as you, I have tired so hard but loose very little weight so I just give up!

I have never thought to discuss my weight with my DR. Is reductil expensive? How long has it taken you to loose the weight?? apart from eating healthy, what else did you do to loose the weight? Do you go to the gym?

You should be so proud of yourself!!

hey well i use to exercise and io was always hungry and there fore never lost weight, so i asked my gp he gave me reductil and i ate healthy and lost weight didnt exercise, didnt have time with ds and now dd. those foods i mentioned i couldnt eat that small amount without the apetite supressant in reductil.

reductil works in a few ways, it speeds the motabolism by increasing the heart rate so its like sitting on the lounge but cos my heart is going a little faster im buring more calories at rest or exercise.

it supresses the apetite big time and has a "anti drepressant" effect. makes u SUPER happy, and when your happy your motivated,

i sometimes forget to eat and dont get that "starving feeling when your sugar levels drop.

it cost $100-$130 a month but i just found a chemist who sell it for $82! woo hoo!

its ABSOLUTELY worth every cent, if u want SUPER results for minimal-medium efforts its for u! i couldnt swear by it enough its like duromine but way less side effects,

i joined the gym last week to build muscle cos the more muscle you have the more calories u burn at rest and well i cant be on reductil for ever..

but reductil my tool to eating small meals EASILY without feeling hunrgy and wating more. and the energy it gives u is brilliant!.

im not someone that pops pills and was VERY reluctant to take it at first as the most i've even taken in my life is about 10 panadole and the pill thats about it, but this REALLLLLY WORKS!
in november i i lost 10kg in 6 weeks....
after my son in 2005 there was a month there where i did exercise and ate stricly. in the month i lost 9kg! i was damn happy with that month!
but if u choose to not exercise well you'l stilll loose weight but more like 1 to 1.5 kilos a week..

people say wont u put the weight back on once u stop reductil? and i say: well it all comes down to what you put in your mouth.....
i also dont beleive in denying your self completely of yummy food, i have pizza once a week and everyday for something yummy i drink over a litre of diet coke or pepsi max a day!!! , i belive if u have a drink other then water it must have no calories! which is diet drinks, but in saying that i have over 2 litres of water a day,....

diet high in omega 3 helps your body burn fat, thats why i MUST eat a tin of salmon everyday for lunch.
if im sick of salmon i sometimes have a boiled egg on vitaweets..
WOW!! I dont even know you and I feel so proud for you!

you have done fantastic! Im such a pig when it comes to food!! When you say you found a chemist that sells it cheaper, did you just go to a few chemists and ask them the price before you filled the script?

This sounds like something that will work well for me, I have a Dr appt on the 18th so I might discuss it with him then, lets just hope he isnt reluctant to give it to me!!

Sorry for all the questions smile I thought of sending you a PM but then I thought someone else might find my 1000's of questions useful to!
[Edited on 02/02/2008]

i love my food too!!! but i also love being 60kg more!
yeah i went to chemists and asked the price first. i use to go to my local chemist and pay $139. then i asked a few other chemists and found one selling it for $82!!!!! big difference!
u need to be a bit chubby for a doctor to give it to you, like im now 77kg and my doctor 3 days ago wrote me a script for one more month he said no more... sad
some doctors will give it to you easily some will say no u anrt fat shop around for doctors 2!

i feel bad your proud of me, cos number one it was sooo easy loosing the weight (only cos of reductil)

and number stupid me stuffed my face 40kg heavier, not once but TWICE! you'd think i would of learnt after the first pregnancy!

but yeah i guess i've done well but still got 17kg to go!!!!!! hmmm

let me know if u get reductil cos i'll give u more info what to expect etc...
Can u breastfeed on reductil?
[Edited on 02/02/2008]
nope. no breast feeding.
what are the side effects of reductil ?
i don't really have that much to looser. id be happy with 5 or 10kg's. i think my problem is mainly my tummy ! got the lil baby guy with the yuky stretch marked skin lol.

Danni, WA,

woops meants the baby *gut with the yuky stretch marked skin lol. tired.

Danni, WA,

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