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I'm horrible and someone shook their head Lock Rss

You know i did not say that you could not be honest and I did not say that you could not give an opinion if it differs and I did not even say that you could not use sarcasm although it really is not helpful) but if that is how you choose to take it than that is up to you!
omg felecia... thats such a horrible story.. sad ...thats just one of those accidents that sucks sooo bad... i really feel for you.. but you cant let that haunt the rest of your lives with your children. you did the right thing and looked after him, and now hes growing up and developing... he's forgotten about it completely and its not affecting him, and as hard as it would be... you have to let it go at some point and not worry. Just take them to the park and let them run around for a little while, or hold both your sons hands (am assuming the little ones walking now) and do little laps around the yard to get your confidence up? (as weird as it would seem to the older son tongue lol..just tell him its 'excercise' tongue) ~hugs~ you are such a brave woman though.. i take my hat off to you.. smile
.. i have a 10 month andi know that.. Rubbish or the baby well mmmm i think the baby. HELLO. babies are precious humans and they need love.. I wouldnt be worried about ppl looking at YOU i would be worried about ur BABY.
[Edited on 22/10/2007 by Alison]
Felecia, your story brought tears to my eyes! I could never imagine how upset and scared you must of been. It was not your fault, babies are very unpredictable. I want even let my 7yo hold my 6mo son without me there!! I am so happy to hear that he is ok and has no long term damage. As hard as it maybe you need to not blame yourself, it was an accident. I dont think that anyone should attack you as you are not to blame. Please dont doubt your parenting skills, I bet you are a fantastic mother!! After all as soon as it happened you jumped down and grabbed him. I understand that any little bump would make you want to rush of to the hospital-so would I! Please dont beat yourself up! It was an accident. take care smile
I don't chose a name so people can't remember it it is the one Huggies designated me and as I do not post to 99% of subjects I do not feel the need to change my username.
On the actual topic I do not profess to be a perfect mother but I do to the fact that I do not leave my baby on anything off the ground - if I need to get something from the draws I take bubby off the change table and over to the draws, I always put bubby on the floor if I need to leave the room and he is in a safe zone with nothing but safe age appropriate toys and no way to get hurt. I believe coming onto an open forum and making a joke and not showing the guilt and using name calling then you needed to be told straight out not have things all fluffy and nice just to make you feel better and yes if I saw you in person I would have no problems saying the same to your face so I am not hiding behind a computer. I would of still taken the child to the ER because even though they look fine and are happy other injuries can happen and show up later and I would never taken a risk with my bubbies life. If you only want fluffy answers that make you feel good about bad decisions you make them PM people you know will give you those answers don't put it on an open forum as everyone is entitled to give a response and if you don't like it then really you have no reason to reply at all you asked for responses and that is what you got.
THANK YOU TO ALL POSTs about what i have said, in reality i am a nice person and i am NOT BEING TOUGH behind a computer screen, and u took you want to teach your children I don't like what you did so therefore i am going
"smack you out" out of CONTEXT i am not saying that if u dont like someone get violent. I think everyone should calm down and get along with the day and OTHERS.
thats makes it twice as bad then doesnt it. i have already said my part now go on with ur day. I am . we are being rather negative and not POSITIVE.
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