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I'm horrible and someone shook their head Lock Rss

LORDY, you don't use the computer for 24 hours and voila, 2 more pages of comments!!

COOPERMUM Thanks for your support for my dropping story.... Scared the **** out of me but it never did Henry any harm. He is a very energetic happy little man.

inflicted, I can imagine how much you must have been shaking walking to see your mum!! Feels like your going to faint you've scared yourself that much!! lol, I'm sorry for your poor friend too. She must have felt awful!! Glad to hear Vincent is okay.

Some of you need to really grow up. Yes, inflicted couldn't have expected all the replies to be nice but how about instead of being complete ****, you just don't say anything? Or find some damn tact and use it!

If we watched and hovered over our kids every minute of the day, we'd never get anything done and they would get so used to it, they would never go ANYWHERE without you.

Inflicted, I'm so sorry Vincent fell, I'm sure he'll be fine, and like you said, he forgot about it 5 minutes later! It's not like you pushed him off the table!!

Thats all from me. Have a good Sunday.


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Posted by: lil_emma
everyone needs to get over themselves.

every body has been judged in the past.

and everybody has judged someone else in the past.

we all do it every day whether we mean to or not.

not a day goes past where we dont judge another mum, or someones driving skills, someones religion, opinion, political view, the way someone is dressed, the way someone looks or acts.

all these people jumping up and down about us judging one another, you know you've done it too at one time or another so enough of the "you think your perfect mothers" crap.lets all just take a chill pill and get over it already.

im hormonal dont mess with me LOL

Couldnt have said it better myself.
i am so glad your bub is ok and I realise that you were very upset at what you had done but I must admit I too would have shook my head as well. I totally agree with everything KSB2D0 has said.

In saying that, I also realise you know not to do this again and luckily there was no real damage to your bubs.

when you hurt your child guilt takes over. the best thing is to learn from your mistake and move on.

I can only hope that when I become a mum, I will be attentive and hopefully not make too many mistakes. we all make them and we are not perfect.

best of luck to all mums out there.

I wasn't going to get involved in this one, but I just couldn't resist, lol.

It always seems that the ones judging are the ones who only have one child who is no where near the age of the child in the OP.

I also used to be one of those mothers who would say, "Oh my child will never behave so badly" and "Oh I would never be so irresponsible".

4 Kids later and I can tell you all that things change. Kids are kids, they do crap and we are not always there to stop them. And you can all say BLAH BLAH BLAH, she shouldn't have left him. And she shouldn't have, and I'm sure she wont again. But I think that her post was more about being a Judged Mother and how it felt.

At one point or another we will all be judged in a not so good way for our parenting, and it is not the nicest feeling in the world. But it happens and once it happens to you (and it will) you may not be so quick to pass judgment on others.

And to anyone that I have offended, "Unless you have three or more kids who are over the age of 6 months, I don't wanna hear it!!"

i know u sed u dont want me to reply but well i would liek to smile

my son is 9months- he is rolling around and leaping to get toys etc. so yeah he is 'up to all this' my DP was playing with my son as i was posting- oh and no he doesnt leave him unattended on a raised surface either. i wasnt trying to be mean to the OP but really i cant comprehend y sum1 would leave their baby un-attended which was basically sed in the original post.

if u dont like what u sed then thats fine but sharing what i think does not make me rude or obnoxious just because u dont like what i have to say.

i KNOW accidents happen im not completely daft- but some accidents can be prevented and i by NO means wrap my child up in cotton wool/bubble wrap i just avoid leavin him places where he may fall or injur himself.

as soon as some says their child has never fallen off a table or bed or what ever ppl automatically assume that they are lying and trying to make it sound as tho they are the perfect mother- when TBH that is not the case at all no my son has never fallen no i dont think im perfect or any better then the OP becoz her baby fell as i sed b4 i know accidents happen but some we can prevent.

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I agree with *Loving It*. In the initial post the situation was almost made fun of. I'm surprised that so many people have said that they understand that accidents will inevitably happen to kids that age. Well I don't see how leaving a child of that age unattended can be considered an "accident". I do believe the situation could've been avoided. I hope this "accident" has made you realise that kids are totally unpredictable & need very close supervision.


It is not about being a 'perfect parent' it has to do with the fact that this situation was TOTALLY avoidable! Sorry, but you don't leave a child on table! IMO that is asking for trouble. If I had have seen it happen, I would have been disgusted also. By calling these women names, that is YOU judging as they judged you which really annoyed you.
Ok. ive red all the posts from top 2 bottom.

its a case of COULDA, SHOULDA, WOULDA but DIDNT!!!

it is very bad of inflicted.chaos 2 leave her 11 mth old son on a table, n i think she knows that. so cut the C#@p n stop making her feel as tho she is the only one 2 ever make this mistake or 2 have ever make an error in judgement when it comes 2 her baby... people make em everyday!!

N i believe its something she'll never ever forget nor do again!!

Have u even got children KSB2D0? cos i think u either dont or uve had something happen in the past 2 the effect of what happened 2 inflicted.chaos n vincent!!! If u are that much of a petty person, that u cant accept that people make mistakes in life/ or feel that u never make mistakes in life then ur not living.... Life cant always been written out step by step... sometimes u have 2 think quick n thats when these little things happen....

but i also agree in what u say that babies are unpredicatble and are very fragile... but u also cant wrap them up in cotton wool. my son is 5 mths he's trying 2 sit up n correct his balance he topples all the time, n catches his head on the corners of things eg. our entertainment unit!! im not going 2 take him 2 the hospital everytime this happens... I know Vincent fell on cement n its different but inflicted.chaos also said he is 11 mths old n i know that once my stepson fell off the lounge n he corrected himself n landed on his hands so this could be the case aswell.... n for him 2 stop crying as quick as he did it couldnt of been that bad!!! N im sure she would have known 2 take him up 2 emergency if she felt that was what was needed!

CUT THE POOR WOMAN SOME SLACK, im impressed that she had the guts 2 post it so that it makes us aware that it does happen even when u only leave them 4 a second!!!!

THANK YOU INFLICTED.CHAOS... hope ur lil man gets better soon...

I get what you're all saying about it being avoidable, but the way some people are carrying on, you would think she had pushed him.

It is easy to become complacent with our kids especially if they usually always do things a certain way. In this case mum thought that he would lay still until he had finished his bottle.

He didn't and I am sure that she will never assume that he will do the expected thing again.

As for the comments that the OP seemed to be joking about it. What would you like her to do?? Beat herself up about it and feel guilty forever??

Sometimes all you can do is look on the bright side. We as parents always have something or other to feel guilty about, but eventually you have to let it go and get on with it.

I am sure that Inflicted Chaos is a great mother. She just made an error in judgment. I am sure that she has learnt her lesson, but having a go at her is really uncalled for.

I would like to share a story with you all.

When my second DS was around 9mths old we had him in his walker. I was cleaning up and DF said to me that he was going to take our eldest out the back yard to play. I said to him to be sure to close the back door.

Anyways he didn't close the back door, he had been going to but was first getting Brandon settled out the back and he didn't think that Lachie would make his way out there that quickly.

I didn't think that Lachlan would head out that way either as he never really went out of the lounge room whilst he was in his walker.

Well he did go out there and he fell down the back stairs and landed on his head on the pavement. I heard the crash and then the screams. I ran out there to find him on the ground, he had taken a lot of skin on his face and was bleeding everywhere.

I totally freaked out and called an ambulance. They came and took us to the hospital, now here is the part that will make you all think I am the worst mother in history.

We were given a bed and told to wait. Which we did for about 3 hrs, finally everyone before us had been seen and I thought we were next. But the Dr went and got another lady from the waiting room with her baby that seemed to have some sort of tummy bug.

I said to the Dr "I thought we were next" and she proceeded to tell me that she was seeing people in order of most urgent.

I was like well my baby could have a head injury that would seem fairly urgent to me. She then told me, that she would decide which cases were urgent and I would just have to wait my turn.

I basically told her she could stick it and got up and left. On my way out she said to me "If he has a head injury, you will be responsible if something happens to him". W T F?? She was the one who wouldn't see him over a baby with gastro!!

I was stunned and very annoyed. Luckily Lachie was fine and had no permanent damage. I have never used a walker since, that one found it's way to the tip and I tell anyone who will listen that they are death traps.

But the point is, that Lachie falling down the stairs could've been avoided, but due to our complacency, it wasn't. However we learnt our lesson and that's what parenting is all about!!
oh my god mary you are the worst mother in history!!

just kiddin you know i love ya!

i just got given a hand-me-down walker from a friend. obviously i wont need it for a few months yet but i dont even know if i want to use it now!! lol
Isn't everyone forgetting something? In her second post, Inflicted said her friend was sitting right next to her baby. Yeah the baby shouldn't have been up high in the first place and the mother shouldn't have turned her back to walk away...but it's not as if she had left her baby up high on a table with no one around to go and put something in the bin. To me, that's not unattended! That's not to say that the friend is at fault - it was an accident. But the baby wasn't "unattended" like a lot of you are quick to point out. If I left my son in a pram or trolley or change table, with a friend, family member or hubby to keep and eye on the baby while I walked away from the child, does that mean my son was unattended?

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I agree with kristi4.

When I was about 1 I ate a whole bottle of my nanas sleeping pills. They were on her bedside table. Did she leave them there for me to eat? No, It was an accident!! Was my mum a bad mum?? Hell no!!
My boy is almost 7 months and is trying to sit up but falls and hits his head. I am not going to rush him off to the hospital everytime this happens especially if he is up giggling and running around-as Inflicted said.
If the ladies at the pool were so concerned why didn't they go see if he was ok?? Instead of talking behind her back-not that this is the issue.
Inflicted I am glad to here your little one is ok!!
Accidents Happen!
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