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I'm horrible and someone shook their head Lock Rss

everyone needs to get over themselves.

every body has been judged in the past.

and everybody has judged someone else in the past.

we all do it every day whether we mean to or not.

not a day goes past where we dont judge another mum, or someones driving skills, someones religion, opinion, political view, the way someone is dressed, the way someone looks or acts.

all these people jumping up and down about us judging one another, you know you've done it too at one time or another so enough of the "you think your perfect mothers" crap.lets all just take a chill pill and get over it already.

im hormonal dont mess with me LOL
oh and maxandoscars mum that reminded me of a story from my childhood!

my parents had planted a whole heap of rose bushes in the front yard and they were getting eaten by snails and my dad put snail pellets out the front to kill them.

my brother and me snuck out and were playing in the dirt when we came across a few green pellets. my brother thought they were a lolly and ate one.

i dobbed him in for eating a lolly off the floor - luckily he was fine but still scared the crap outta my parents!
thanks for sharing your story.

i know i've left my DD unsupervised on her change table before because i've gotten complacent & well it's never happened before. i now know better & should not take the fact that she's never fallen for granted. i do not have a screw loose for leaving her there, i'm an intelligent person, but sometimes when you're tired & worn out, you look for an easy, quick way to do things.

i'm not a sugar coating kind of person either, but accidents do happen. we can only learn from them. and i'm learning what to do when your child swallows a bead from a broken bracelet. i could have gotten very angry at my hubby (who was supervising DD at the time), but that doesn't solve the situation. he feels crappy enough without me telling him what he should have done. anyway, i'll be on poo watching patrol from now on!

hi henrysmumma
i congratulate you for posting wat happen to you!!
how many mothers or parents out there can say there child has never had an accident??? not many i dont think.. my son isnt even 10months and you know how many falls he has had esp when we have floor boards in our house and you hear a thud.. when my son was only a few weeks old he fell asleep on my partner and as tired as you get when you bring a baby home my partner fell asleep and my son rolled off onto the floor but luckily he was tightly wrapped and didnt have any bruoses or that but then recently my son went to sleep in our bed and i heard this big thump and a scream of course he rolled off our bed onto floor boards!! it scared the crap out of me... but he had a bruise and hes fine! there is not one day that goes by that my son doesnt have a fall!! you cant wrap children up in cotton wool they have to have falls and have bumps n bruising i know i did when i was younger same as my partner and every other person i know!! and as for saying it was immature re wording of the lady at the poool i would of gone up to the lady and confronted her i dont belive ANY!!!!!!!!!! mother or for that matter parent be spoken to or anything in that manner re an accident that happens to there child!!! accidents happen to any of us anywere any time!!!
i hope henry is ok if like my son he forgets hes hurt half the time hehehe
coopermum i think the point is that he wasnt just running through the house and tripped, or lying in bed and fell out.

he was left unattended. thats why people have kicked up a stink about it
yeah i know but some people need to be more understanding i know in that split sec ANYTHING can happen you learn that as a parent hey but i jus dont understand why people are going off there head as could happen to anyone like she was already feeling really bad for wat had happen.. thats all i can understand both sides of story though.. i personally jus think it shouldn have gotten that remark in so many ways a bad mother.
as could happen to anyone
yep i hear what your saying.

anyway ive had my say numerous times in here so im moving on now lol smile

me to iv said wat i wanted to..
sorri to offend people if i have at all..
lost internet connection for a couple days..but its good too see i got so many replys.

firstly, i would just like to add that my friend was at the same table and the babies were laying right next to each other, he WAS supervised. She was watching him, and looked down to wipe her child's face and when she looked up she saw this leg disappearing over the edge. She felt horrible, but she's alright now.

To all the concerned mothers asking if he was okay, thank you for your concern. It's as if nothing happened to him and he was back to normal within a few minutes (forgot to add that in the end as well, lol...sorry).

As for the name calling comment... yes, it was childish.. but a) it was the easiest way to tell them apart and b) i just felt like it...if you don't like it, tough. Don't post to me anymore.

I wasn't shifting the blame onto them. In no way did I say 'it was their fault my son fell off the table'. I just didnt like the fact they seemed so impacted by it and didnt bother coming to see if everything was okay or anything. I know personally if I ever saw a child fall off the table I would be over there as soon as possible to comfort them, it's the most horrible feeling in the world. (And yes to all, I am OBSESSIVE about it happening again, lol).

I am totally aware it wasnt the right thing to do, and no, there are no screws loose, and bring on child services. My baby has a clean home, daily feeds, nice clothes, a clean bed, daily bathes and all the toys in the world he could hope for. He is in no way mistreated or harmed.

Thank you to the couple of people that PMd me with support as well. Good to see that most people on here can give support when it's needed. I didn't really post it up here to be judged or for support or anything..just wanted to share what happened because I felt so rotten and ...well, i just wanted to tell someone.

No, he didn't get taken to the Drs. I went and saw mum at work, bawling my eyes out (when a heap of pen pushers were in meetings and what not, lol) and showed her and had a nice cup of tea and a long talk. In the 3 minute walk it took to get from the pool to mums work, he was smiling, laughing and running around. Mum's had 5 kids and most of us have had any injury possible (and the doctors couldnt fit us in until 'tomorrow', theyre sO backed up). She had a look at him and said there was nothing wrong.. and shock and behold!! there isnt!! ~puts hand over mouth in suprise~ He landed on a towel and stuff..there was a bit of cushioning...i guess i can explain things a bit dramatic as well..

I think that was all i had to say... nothing else is coming to mind.. maybe i got his brain damage? tongue and as for the 'its not a joke' ..i make jokes out of things.. its how we cope. He's fine, i've learnt my lesson and he loves his swimming lessons.

I understand where you others are coming from, and although the term 'bad mother' wasnt said, i no you were meaning it..but seriously, i dont care about the judging thing. judge me. i dont know you and therefore it dont phase me. i have a happy life, a healthy bub n a great partner. im on top of the world.

cheers and hugs to the 'not so perfect' mothers!! bubble wrap aint on ur weekly shopping list!! grin thanks again ya'll.
Wow what a mixed responce. I too have also had an accident It only happened a couple of weeks ago. I posted a threat and lucky for me i found comfort in the responces i recieved.

I would like to remind you all that we are all on this site to connect with people and share our stories not to critize(sp?!) and be-little each other. This should be our support network not a war ground!

I agree with not leaving a baby unattended etc etc as i also have an 11 month old but the way that KSB@DO responded was very harsh.

Sometimes we all need a reality check but maybe next time take out the venom in your reply. You have made alot of people upset. I would love to here your responce. And would love to see a reply from the lady who stated the thread.
[Edited on 20/10/2007]
We are not all perfict (SP) late Thursday afternoon My daughter fell out of her cot she's nearly 22 weeks old. She's just recently started to roll around too. My mother had put her down for her nap after having her bottle. The type of cot we have is one with opening out doors. There is two latches down the bottom to peg them into position. and a latch up the top to peg it across. Just the slightest over sight that the bottom latches were not placed in just right. I'm sitting in the lounge by my self after mum and dad leaving and my partner and oldest child. I hear this great big thud. the doors of the cot had swung open and there was bub's laying on the ground.. I scoop her up running franticly through the house trying to find the bloomin house phone. ( ruddy cordless thing) to phone my partner to come home straight away.. I eventually find the bloomin thing ( with a screaming baby in my arms ) my partner and my son come back and I got every thing ready to take bub's up to the hospital I was not taking any chances. at the end of the night the dirty looks i got for ppl in the waiting room with a child whale'ing off and on from hunger as i was scared to give her any thing because of the chance of a head injury. As soon as she got her bottle 4 hours after it was already due was a releaf to us. and a reliaf(SP)to her dad and her nanna... Mum felt so guilty but it could happen to any one. No matter how much exp you have as a mother. My eldest is 15 on friday. He's had his share of traumas. But they come and go, you just cant wrap them up so tight that they choke.

Rob 26.oct.92 Shona 28.may.07 Bryce 15.april.08

In your first post you said

hes got concrete burn/gravel rash from above his eye (in his hairline) all the way to above his ear... sad

Now your saying he landed on padding
the gravel rash should tell you his poor little head camre in contact with cement which should be enough to warrent a trip to the hospital. Fair enough you walked 3 min's away to see your mum & she has had 5 kids but no matter how competent your mum is she cant see if there is any internal damage.
I dont want to use this story as a way of saying your a bad mother or to be nasty but to show why any head injury should be seen to by a Doctor reguardless of how minor it seem's at the time.
A few years ago a little girl fell from her cot & landed on a mattress on the floor she bounced off the matress & landed on a carpeted floor the Fatyher who was looking after her at the time did the same thing you did comforted & checked that she was ok.
She died later that day from internal bleeding of the brain. She was 2.
Any head injury to a small child is potentually dangerous even if they look ok on the outside their little skull's & brains are so fragile that they cant handle the force of a hard blow.

Like I said I'm saying this to be nasty.


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