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I'm horrible and someone shook their head Lock Rss

Post deleted by administrator.
Fair enough. I just feel like there's a little bit of emotional bullying coming from a few people and from both sides. It is very easy to write things when you're sitting in front of a computer screen without realising that what we write does have a very real impact on peoples health and happiness. What's the bet that the person who started this thread will now think twice about talking to anyone without wondering if she's gonna get kicked for it. I'm not saying that she was in any way right. I certainly didn't like hippo comment either. That is a pretty good example of an unnessary comment too. Geeez is anyone on here not feeling like a hippo on here at the moment?
Post deleted by administrator.
im not emotionally bullying her if u are referring to me lol

must admit most things on here are fine and we do support one another- but wen sumting like well this for example is posted u cant expect every1 to bite their tongues and be nice as pie IYKWIM? and b4 u post something 'contraversial' u should always prepare urself for the ppl that strongly disagree atfer all we all have different views and beliefs thats what makes it fun to be part of a forum smile
No way am I referring to you. I read most of the posts and was referring to the ones that were angry and demeaning. I am glad she posted this on here. It's a dahm good wake up call for most of us and because of her honesty she has made a positve impact in that sense. Crumbs, I'm just about to become a first time mum and it's helpful to read about people's mistakes. I don't want to see people feeling like they can't share them because they are good lessons for everybody, not just her. Yep, it sure does make exciting reading but there are other humans that we are talking to, not just computer screens was my point.
I think everyone has a right to an opinion, by all means!! Sometimes silence is a virtue. There is no need to judge or be rude. No one gives a crap about whether you *loving it* sugar coat things or not. GROW UP or SHUT UP. I don't think public forums give you the right to put people down or try make a point. Inflicted wasn't asking for your opinion. She was sharing a story that might stop another mother making the same mistake.

KS??? (Do you make your name hard to remember so you don't cop shit back?) NO ONE deserves negativity to be directed at them. You are so rude. I was so shocked when I read your post. You have no idea at all do you? You are a bully.

It is clear to me she knows it's a really horrible thing, that she knows it was a bad move and that she feels bad about it. Mistakes happen. And the fact that she is confident enough to write about it on a public forum just shows that she is secure in her parenting abilities and that this really was a one off mistake.

I hope you don't judge your children so harshly because they will grow up to be very sad and insecure adults.

Inflicted, THANK YOU for writing about your experience. It must have been aweful and I know what small towns are like. I bet every one knows about it by now! But just watch your bub, he has fallen on his head and he may turn out to be a rude huggies poster later on. So make sure he has no brain damage ok ;p


My CHN was talking about falls the other day and told me to start being really careful. She told me a story about a doctor whose bub fell of the change table. And she's probably seen heaps of kids come in with injuries as a result of similar incidents.

My mum left me at the butcher shop once. I was still in a capsule and she went all the way home, unpacked the shopping, drove up to my grandma's, to pick me up, only to realise I wasn't there. LOL She traced her steps back to the butcher and was informed that I was now a sausage ;p

My brother drove mums car through a fence when he was about 1 too.

My mum is brilliant.
oh masons mum lol me grow up aye? blah blah if she didnt want ppl to comment or give their opinions then she shouldnt have posted it!

if it takes mums to learn from experience that you SHOULD NOT leave ur child on a raised surface alone then theres obviously a screw loose or something!

and as a previous poster pointed out lil emma i think it was- it sounded more like she was EMBARRASSED for being judged not about the stupid error she made

no need to be judged? PLEASE wether there is a need for it or not its gonna happen- so get over the whole 'dont judge' crap!
I know accidents happen.
but some things are funny and some things are not.
sorry but I agree you should have had your baby checked over.
At least except responsability for it and not blame the poor lady that was there....

...and I love the sausage story.
Sorry, that was amen to Mason's Mum. Glad there are so many other perfect and fabulous super mums on this site...
When I was about 3 my parents left the car boot open with some paraquat inside it. (paraquat is a very lethal weedkiller) I ate some of it and thankfully my older sister told on me. My parents had only left us playing outside for a minute but as we all know it only takes a second.

I was rushed to hospital and hooked up to all sorts of machines while they got the poison out of my system. That was the worst kind of punishment for a parents. Knowing there was a chance that I might not make it and having to hold my hand and watch me battle thru it all.

They learnt their lesson and never left anything dangerous in reach again. They were investigated by child welfare and they deedmed it to be an accident and let my parents off with a warning.

I would never say that my parents are bad parents. Not even close. They are good and loving parents and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

They would have beaten themselves up for it for a long time but in the end that dosen't help. Any scornful remarks or looks can never match the guilt and remorse that we heap on ourselves and blame is a pointless thing as long as the lesson is learnt. I am sure you will be to scared to turn your back on your DS for even a second now just as my parents were!
have i missed something? has some1 sed somewhere that the OP is a BAD parent?
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