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I'm horrible and someone shook their head Lock Rss

I have to say I agree mostly with what KSB2D0 has said.

mummy2ashy said
as when my daughter was younger i left her on my bed for 5 seconds to go get her dummy not realising that she could roll, next min she was on the floor screaming, she has also fallen off my futon aswell.

Im sorry but there is a difference between leaving a tiny baby who cant move yet on a bed & leaving an 11 month old (almost 1)on a table at a pool with a cement floor.
As the mother of an almost 1 year old inflicted.chaos know's her child's ability to move around at will.
Did you even take your baby to a DR to be looked at?
Do you know for sure there was no internal damage done to your child?
To sit here & say that your peeved at the woman & her "hippo" show's you are not taking responsibility for your irrisponssible acton's no piece of rubbish is more important than the safety of your child & Im sure the bin wasn't going anywhere in a hurry so would have still been there once your baby was finished his bottle & you could put him on your hip & know that he was still safe.


I must take the cake then. I parked the car in the driveway, left kids in their seats, got out and checked the letter box, turned around to see my car rolling towards me.

It went right across the road and bounced off the wire fence of the school opposite. DS had gotten out of his seat, climbed in the front and knocked the gear stick into reverse.

Needless to say, he never climbed out of his seat again, and i never went to the letterbox before getting them out first.

So the award goes to me.

We all learn by our mistakes, unfortunately sometimes it takes huge ones.


Posted by: inflicted.chaos i noticed i was a 'judged mother'. we were at the swimming pool and bub was laying on the table on his towel in a nappy finished off his bottle. I walk away for two seconds to put something in the bin and i hear my friend gasp and see my little man FALLING to the ground!!! ..lands on his head then falls over to his back and starts screaming... its the worse feeling in the world watching ur little fella falling and not being able to get to him quick enough sad so i pick him up and am shushing him and inspecting damage an comforting and stuff... a minute or so later hes a tough boy again, and just wants cuddles (he was tired BEFORE the swimming lesson even STARTED! lol) ...on the way out my friend turns around and says there was a lady sitting behind us on the pool edge and she watched vin fall, looked at me..watched me pick him up..shook her head in disgust, said something to her hippo of a friend beside her and they were both glaring at us like we'd throw him into the ground or something.

Seriously, it's the first time I've EVER left him on the table or something..and he had HALF A BOTTLE left!! hes never left anything more than HALF A MOUTHFUL before!! :| its sucks so bad and i have the biggest guilts for it at the moment.. hes got concrete burn/gravel rash from above his eye (in his hairline) all the way to above his ear... sad

~worst mum of the year award goes to... ME!!!~ ... lol... i can sort of look back and joke about it a little..but thats because i make jokes about the worst things in if the dr told me i had cancer tomorrow i'd find something funny to say or joke about ~rolls eyes~.. its just me grin ..

yeah..just wanting to put my two cents in and prove what everyone already knows tongue still majorly peeved that that lady and her hippo were so rude though..i shouldve pushed them into the pool... :| ...if she was so worried she shouldve came and said something :| thats what so screwed up about little towns.. everyone loves to gossip... oh finished.. nearly out of battery on my laptop and dont know where the lead is.. will try to be on again tomorrow night smile will probably have another whinge lesson number two.. lol

night all smile

TBH if i was the person sitting by the pool i would of given u a piece of my mind becoz leaving ur baby unattented on a table for 2 seconds is dangerous and there is no excuse u could possibly say to make me think 'oh ok thats understandable then' its just irresponsable, even my 2.5y/o nephew knows babies cant be left on high things without being supervised!!

i hope ur lil man is ok and im sure u wont be leaving him un-attented again!
I can't believe how quick some of you are to judge. Yeah what inflicted chaos did was wrong, but she's aware of that and i don't believe she is looking for more criticism from other mothers. I can say i'm paranoid about doing things like that in public (babies on tables, etc,) but ONLY because I hate being judged. I know that no matter what I do or say, somebody is going to judge the way I hold, talk to, dress my son, feed my son. I'm not perfect but I don't want some perfect stranger criticising me.

I know I have been judged, last night too - we went out for dinner with my in-laws and towards the end of the night my 2 year old was having a tantrum (about 50 a day is his at the moment record). I was frustrated with him, my in-laws and my husband for just sitting next to me and not helping out, and as I tried to get my son to sit on my lap which wasn't easy, he squealed (a real shrill squeal)! Everyone turned to look at me, and one girl who was pregnant said something about me to her other pregnant friend, who also turned to look. I didn't hit my son, just tried to sit him on my lap when he was making his whole body go limp because he wanted to sit with someone else. I don't know what the two girls were saying, and don't want to know - they can think what they like, I know I am a damn good mother.

I also have smacked my son in public. And before any of you anti-smacking mothers have a dig at me and tell me I am abusing my child, this is MY way of disciplining my son, it works for ME and I do not want to be criticised for it. If he is reaching for something that he has been told over and over not to touch and it's something that can't be moved out of the way, then he gets a little tap on the back of the hand. Now that he is older and if he doesn't do what he is asked (and it's only ever something he is capable of) he gets a very light tap on the bottom. I have done both of these things in public because for whatever reason my son needed to be disciplined and I can't discpline him differently at home than what I would out in public, despite what people might say. I have not had people comment directly to me but yeah they have made comments to the people they are with. If I was flogging my son, then I would expect people to intervene and comment!

I have also taken my eyes off my son, who has played with things he shouldn't (just yesterday I found him banging two light bulbs together - thankfully they were still intact), constantly climbs things he shouldn't, is forever scraping a knee, or cutting a toe or getting splinters.

No matter what you do as a parent, you will be judged - be it that you make a bad decision and leave a baby unattended on a table or discipline a child the way someone else won't approve of.

Maybe the reason inflicted chaos commented on the "hippos" is because she was embarrassed that what had just happened had been seen by someone else who had then passed judgement.

** RIP...Ash 27/6/1985 - 17/10/2009 **

Maybe the reason inflicted chaos commented on the "hippos" is because she was embarrassed that what had just happened had been seen by someone else who had then passed judgement

the 'hippos' had every right to 'pass judgement' on what they saw, any person in their right mind would have passed judgement on witnessing a baby fall from a height becoz they were not supervised. every1 will be judged no matter how small or big the incident or what ever it is/was but this IMO is a classic example of ppl trying to shift the spotlight from themselves (the ones that made a 'mistake') onto some1 else (near innocent bystanders) even tho what they did was very very irresponsable.

i dont mean my posts to sound as tho i am having a go at inflicted chaos but TBH i cant find another way to word it with out going too far off track!
You know I having been switching on my computer and following what has been said from time to time and I cannot belive the things that some of you are saying to this mother!
Being a mother is a hard enough job as it is without being judged by anyone!!!
You know some of you talk like you are the perfect mother and that your child will never ever be in a position or situation where it may hurt itself, you know like so many of you have said none of us is perfect but some of you talk like you may be.
Look back to yesterday, last week, Last month and think if you at any point did something which maybe might have been a bit stupid and for all of you that say "No I have never and will never do anything that would be detremental to my baby's health" let me guarantee you that while you have been out you have done something or said something that someone has found to be unacceptable!!
You know I would understand some of these comments if this mother threw her baby on the floor to see if he would bounce, but she didn't she simply had a lack of judgement and her baby got hurt, she did not mean to do it.
She was spending time with her baby having some mother and son activity time and a lot of condem her for that!
I would have thought that since this forum is for parents but mainly mothers log on that we would be trying to suport each other.
Yes tell her that she should be careful but also put yourself in her place and think about how you would fel if this accident happened to you and you recieved no support just cruel remarks.
I have been judged as a mother because I simply did not feed my daughter in my arms but laid her on a pillow and I was told that I did not love my child because I was not holding her when she feed, so you see we all get judged for doing things "wrong" but none of us like it.
I would be appalled if I saw this happen at my local swimming pool and the mother laughed or did not seem to concearned ,but from what she said she did comfort her child and the concern is clearly there!
And something I want to say about this two women that were talking and gossiping behind this mothers back if they were so concearned why did'nt they rush to the aid of this child to make sure he was alright?
Those of you who condem this mother and defend these two women that have nothing better to do than gossip about someone behind their backs, why did they not help, get involved and that is to all of you would you get involved if you belived something was not right or that a parent was being irresponsilbe at the pool, shops , resturant, or would you go home and gossip.
I thought this forum was for support and ideas on how we could do a beeter job not about how we have failed and what poor judgements we make as mothers!!!
oh whinge whinge whinge! i wasnt trying to offend this mother or anything but seriously what on earth posses sum1 to leave their BABY unattended on a TABLE?? if u do it then expect the 'judgemental comments' that come with it, it was her choice to post it here and if the range off diferent comments have offended her in any way then sorry but its her own fault- i am not going to sit here and say 'oh honey its ok its not ur fault ur baby fell off the table' just to keep every1 happy- i have an opinion and as this is an open forum i AM going to share it

and in all honesty i have NEVER left my child unattended on a raised surface.
everyone makes mistakes and everyone has momentary lapses of concentration and no one is denying that. but i think the reason some of these mums are being "judgemental" is because at 11 months old a baby almost always has the ability to roll over, if not crawl around. and its not exactly a lapse of concentration when you choose to walk away and put rubbish in the bin.
i am not having a go at inflicted.chaos because i have already given her my honest opinion.

at the end of the day as long as the child is ok, thats all that matters. i dont know if she took the child to the doctor but i think the point people are trying to make is, if a child falls from a raised height, especially onto concrete, it needs to be looked at by a doctor. yes she comforted and yes she felt bad but i think it came across that she was more embaressed to be "judged" than she was for leaving the baby unattended.

thats how i read the post anyway. smile
I feel embarrassed to read some of the comments on here. It is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful, from both points of view. Isn't this a discussion board so that people can get support rather than be attacked and ridiculed? We all have our very valid opinions, both of which have truth but fighting dirty is never nice....
lol u want me to support sum1 that left their baby on a table whilst they put sumthing in the bin? oh woohoo 10 points 4 keeping australia beautiful!
Yeah like I said, valid points from both sides but there is such a thing as fighting dirty. Add your two cents worth but with a bit more class....?
im not sugar coat thing just so i dont step on ppls toes!
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