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Do u think im being unfair? Lock Rss

my DH's family r cumin down on the long weekend which is fine,
his family are ment to be bring the boat so we can take it out but my DH thinks im being unfiar in saying that i would prefer it if there werent drinking on the boat esp if they want me to take the kids on there! its not like they will only have a couple its more like 2cartons!

but i dont get y everytime we see them it always has to b about drinking i get really sick of it and it gets to me being around them all when they decided to get drunk,
even if we just go out to a park always got to bring the carton of beer!

all i said to my DH surely the day we spend out on the boat can be either a couple or wait til u get back to my house as i think it would be just a little more safe 4 my kids to be on the boat with ppl that aint drinking!

i know i cant stop ppl from drinking and i not trying to do that im just asking 4 them to use a brain as my 2 a still pretty young and i dont think it should be me making sure they are always safe.

wat do you think?

but my DH seems to b getting annoyed at me over it, i just dont get y he seems to get annoyed with me so much i dont think im being unfair!

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I don't think you are being unfair at all. If it was me, I simply would refuse to go. Not worth it especially when you have little ones on board. Wouldn't even risk a couple of drinks. A carton of beer to the park lol! Holy doly!
drinking and boats don't mix. especially when there are little kids on it!
you are not being unfair at all
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Hi, my uncle is a boaty, and a big drinker. So much that Dh and I won't but anything to do with him. But he has one rule on his boat- he doesn't take alcohol. It's just not worth the risk. Also you can get charged with drink driving on the water as much as in a car. So if you don't trust the captain, and that there will be someone responsible in charge don't let your kids go. If for some reason i'm not home with dh and dd- dh doesn't drink. Also I havn't drunk more than one drink at a time since dd has being born so that I can drive if needed.

I don't mind people having a drink, but I know what you mean when people can't relax without it.
no your not being unfair. your being a responsible parent.
taking kids out on a boat is enough of a worry without drink being brought into it.
put simply, it would be irresponsible to take children out on a boat with drink. there is a time and a place for it, this not being one.
there is a difference between a family outing and a piss up.

Danni, WA,

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