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Just Venting...grrrrr Rss

Just wanted to say that my ex's new girlfriend is such a freaken insecure psycho...she wont leave me alone.
I have nothing to do with my ex, i cant stand the sight of him and i have recently stopped him from seeing our son coz he drinks, takes drugs and is abusive towards me...
but the last couple of days she wont stop txting me telling me to get out of his life...the funny thing is, i cant remember the last time i called him!! I dunno, maybe he is telling her that i am calling him or something...
I think she is trying to cause trouble for me, she has told him all sorts of stuff....
Anyways, i have had jack of it today so i disconnected my mobile number and got a new one that he and she will never get a hold of!!!
I'm just so OVER it!!!
Good idea with the new number!
Its sounds like you are doing a great job to cut them out of your life.
I read another of your posts and I think what you are doing is for the best. You don't need his crap!

GOOD FOR YOU!!! That was very smart, it's good to see that you're not going to put up with it.

Funny that hey, my ex husband used to ring me non stop and keep ringing when I hung up until I eventually took the phone off the hook, he also hung around outside my house taking photo's six years after we split up. I hated him and never rang him at all ever and I got the same thing, he actually said in court that he wished I would just get a life and leave him alone??!!! and he was obviously telling his gf that I was hassling him!
Good move changing your phone number, hope you can relax a bit now.

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