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i knew i was setting myself up to be hurt Lock Rss


We got our computer back now so I've been coming on every couple of nights lately to check my posts and stuff. Lucky you going shopping lol. My only shopping lately has consisted of buying Diago a new winter wardrobe, I think I better stop buying him clothes now because he has got sooo much now lol. I was a good girl smile Nothing happened with that guy hes txtd me once and we've talked on msn a few times but thats it. I'm deciding to keep clear of him, don't want it coming back to bite me in the a ss cos I know if anything was to happen Diagos dad would find out for sure and I can't risk him having anything to hold against me if he did take me to court over custody arrangements. Diagos latest favourite thing is Thomas Tank engine, my god he loves it lol watches his dvd over and over.
Good luck with your exams, I'm sure you'll do fine smile
I went out last night, really shouldn't have because I had to babysit today I had Diago, a 20mnth old, 4yr old and 5yr old. God did I have my hands full.
So anyway it was just supposed to be a couple of quiet drinks but I ended up gettin pretty pissed and getting picked up by a mate and going up there for drinks. Then I got another mate to pick me up and we went back to his place and me and his flat mate were just talking about our kids lol.
He has a 3yr old boy and his mum took off so he's raising the kid by himself.
I ended up getting back to my mates house who I was ORIGINALLY drinking at after 4am and crashing on the couch. Raced home this morning and had to be at this house to babysit for 9.30am.
I'm exhausted now and hoping for a good nights sleep, I did get a couple of hours this afternoon while Diago was having his sleep.
Sometimes theres just not time for men ay, life is so hectic when your trying to be a good mum and also do your own thing(studying) it's like you don't even notice cos you don't have time!
Well have a good night, talk soon
i get what you mean aye, i barely have time to catch up with my mates let alone meet a decent guy.
exams tomoro !!! freakn out but with a bita luk ill be okay. haven't sat exams in years so its a bit nerve wrackin but oh well. so today im studyhinjg n trying to learn a few extra things because i been so busy lately with tyler being sick and not sleeping etc.
cant wait for it to be over. last exam is on friday. then im going straiqght to the pub aye haha. ahhh finally will be abel to relax.
sorry havent been on here in ages, been flat chat with uni and work and tyler, gosh i need another pair of hands sometimes aye !!!!
hrmm i don't think ive got any news. i just had stupid bloody study stuff floating around my head at 100miles an hour.
haha you went aye. osunds like u over did it. with having to baby sit the next day...dam that would've been a longgggg day haha
yeh sounds like a good thing to stay away from that guy then. its just not worth it aye.
diago must be gettn bigger aye. tyler is 3 next month. i don't no where the time goes, but it flies !!
well sorry but i gota run. i can't think straight haha exams are freaking me out. will let u no how i go.
hows ur study going ???
chat again soon

Danni, WA,


how r u?
Do you like my new sig? smile
how did your exams go??? I havn't been getting much study done lately ive been feeling a bit crap, I've got to go for a brain scan next week I am soooooo scared I just pray to god there is nothing wrong with me because I dont know what I would do...
So I'm trying to stay positive and tell myself it will be nothing. Its very unlikely to be something serious so yeah I'm feeling ok, I'm sure I'll be fine.
Hows Tyler? Diagos good, he has had a tummy bug so hes not at day care, he seems ok now though, so he'll be going to daycare tomorrow morning. We did the groceries today Diago was actaully pretty good which was good. He isn't sleeping too well, wakes up really early 5.30-6am which is probably not making me feel too good because I'm finding it hard to go to sleep at night. Me and my freind are going out for lunch today, Diagos going to my nanas. I got on the p iss last week and it turned into a fuggin s hit night, my mates bf picked up and chucked her down the stairs onto the concrete, she had some nasty as bruises and grazes. She sooo needs to leave him I hate seeing him treat her like shit hes such a pig. but she "loves" him, of course.
Well I best get going and get Diago some lunch before we go out.
Cya chat soon good luck with exams!!
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