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One twin waking 1-4 Times a night! Rss

Hi, wondering if anyone has any solution??? My 15 and half month old fraternal twins are really good in every way except Joel is waking 1- 4 times a night?? He is not crying but gristling. I go into him anf give him his dummy (if he hasnt already got it in his mouth) and tuck him back in again. He goes back to sleep. This is so frustrating as still having broken sleep most nights at this age???? Some nights he does sleep through, some he doesnt. I am sick of people giving me the 'teething' excuse as I dont believe this. William and Joel share a room and luckerly William does not wake. I do not know what is wrong. Joel has a duplex collecting system, no reflux, we have had this checked out and he has no infection. I have trying to think of all things of why this is happenning?? He can put his own dummy back in. Any ideas???

Twins-William & Joel


Joel may just be requiring your presence to return to sleep, you could try just calling from the door to him and say it’s time to sleep and not go in. Does he fall asleep on his own initially or with your comfort This will make a difference also.

Cheers Maree

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