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Premature baby: Feeding Disability & not gaining weigh Lock Rss

My little girl was born at 23 weeks & 6 day. Her actual age is 11 months and corrected age 7 months. She never had a big volume of formula but could get in between 500-600 ml's per day if i'm lucky. At the moment she is only taking 60 ml to 90 ml's every 3 hours.

We have started solids about 2 months ago but it's still going slowly and she is not gaining enough weight, usually only about 30g per week or nothing at all. Last week she gained 100g that we are happy about!!. We are adding olive oil and coconut oil to all her solids. In her formula we are also adding Duocal but it's not really helping, by the looks of it. They are thinking of putting her onto Fortini or Nutrini next month. I am also trying to put her on a high calorie diet so she can gain weight quicker but still in a healthy way, non of the bad stuff....

She has chronic lung disease and she is getting worse so we are considering of moving to Brisbane for a couple of years. Can anyone tell me what we can get there as a replacement of the above and how much would this cost? We are NZ Citizens but I have no idea how it works when moving to Aussie and medical stuff. What else can we provide her to gain weight or calorie drinks etc? Also can anyone recommend a good nutritionist, GP and Pediatrician in Brisbane

I hope all make sense...


I can't help with most of your questions and didn't have a prem myself however I have two friends who have had prems (including one very early prem with CLD) I know both of them used to add cream or butter to all solids. Probably not quite as good for you as olive oil but tastes better and if it gets the weight on then that's a good thing. Hopefully some of the other mums on here who've had prems themselves can give some better help! Good luck!
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