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What small things can I do to lose a couple pounds? Lock Rss

Over summer, I get really lazy, and don't go many places, besides hanging out with friends. During school time I would run 1/4 a mile everday in PE them more exercise. Over summer I get unhealthy and always gain a couple pounds. Well, since I still have like 2 months before high school (yup! eek!) I just wanna know some small, easy things I can do to lose like 5-25 pounds in a little under 2 months. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Low Carb Diets
For losing the weight you need to become a little bit active.
First of all awake up in early morning and go for morning walk, do some cardio exercises such as running, jogging, and push ups.
Then take healthy and balance diet take more raw vegetarian foods and avoid more fat and fast foods. After adopting this procedure you will lose your weight very quickly.
Agree with the above answer. I started having more natural foods/vegetarian. I dont no if you like spinach but that stuff is really good! It dosnt have many calories but is packed with iron. I started making salads with it and i did a 30 minute walk (well i tryed to atleast everyday with bubs) and did abit of weights and pilates and i lost 4 kgs in about 3 weeks. smile Excercise and being active is probably the best way. I tryed pills and everything and its just a waste of time! (For me anyway, dont no about anyone else) smile

I think you should do regular exercise and do morning walk.
For me also works simple "recipe" : only salads and walking few miles every day, in 10-15 days first results are visible...
If you are not satisfied with Begin your exercise journey you can add yoga with exercise with the help of weight loss poses will defiantly help to burn your fat, build muscle tone, and give you more flexibility, there are so many form of yoga you can try this.
Staying regular with your workout plan is must to maintain good health and lose weight. Check for more tips and track your health.
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