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pregnant and son exposed to hand,foot and mouth Lock Rss

I just wanted to find out if there are any risks involved if I am pregnant (would only be about 6 weeks) and my son has hand foot and mouth. I have searched on the internet and get some conflicting information and am hoping that you can please clear this up for me. I know how to treat my son, it is more if there is any problems for the pregnancy that I need to be aware of
Thank you!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie


Thank you for your enquiry. Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common illness of infants and children. It is characterized by fever, sores in the mouth, and a rash with blisters. HFMD begins with a mild fever, poor appetite, malaise ("feeling sick"), and frequently a sore throat. One or 2 days after the fever begins, painful sores develop in the mouth. They begin as small red spots that blister and then often become ulcers. They are usually located on the tongue, gums, and inside of the cheeks. The skin rash develops over 1 to 2 days with flat or raised red spots, some with blisters. The rash does not itch, and it is usually located on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. It may also appear on the buttocks. A person with HFMD may have only the rash or the mouth ulcers.

These types of viruses are very common so pregnant women are frequently exposed to them. As for any other adults, the risk of infection is higher for pregnant women who do not have antibodies from earlier exposures to these viruses, and who are exposed to young children - the primary spreaders of enteroviruses. You need to ensure that you wash your hands frequently and perhaps get someone else to wash your son’s bed linen while he has the illness.

These types of infections during pregnancy cause mild or no illness in the mother. There is no clear link between any problems with the baby and this virus. However, mothers infected shortly before delivery may pass the virus to the newborn. Babies born to mothers who have symptoms of a viral illness around the time of delivery are more likely to be infected.

Best wishes,

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