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Lactogen and Novalac Lock Rss

Our DS has up to 400ml of formula for his last feed, he is currently on NAN1 HA. I asked our GP about trying him on a heavier formula of a night to fill him up. I was told that Lactogen and the Novalac Sweet Dreams formula may be good. Just wondering what anyone's experiences were with either and if you know if I can get smaller tin sizes or if it comes in the sachets

Bubba Heath 14/7/2007

Hi, I've just bought a tin of Novalac for the same reason. I couldn't find any sachets. I don't have the particular advice you're looking for as I've only just started using it (will try for first time tonight) but I just thought I'd let you know one thing- it's a thicker formula, so you definitely need a bottle with a fast flow. I'm using a Nuk First Beginnings one (I think it's called that.)
I didn't realise it was that much thicker- it's like reflux formula.
I gave my ds some this afternoon, and he seemed to like it ok, but tonight I'm going to dreamfeed him with it and see if I get a better sleep. Wish me luck!
Why don't they sell formula in sachets so we can try it out??!! They just want to trap us into buying a whole tin! Grrrr....!!!
Anyway, good luck with it!

DS born 24th Nov 06 in WA

Hi there,

My DS, Henry, is almost 6 months old and was on S26 from 5 weeks til about 2 months.... I found he vomited ALOT with it, so I switched to Lactogen (which is also cheaper...added bonus....) and he has thrived ever since. He started sleeping thru (until his teeth started coming thru) once I started him on Lactogen. I haven't had any problems with it.

He only seems to vomit when he is teething. He will be 6 months in about 10 days and when he was weighed at 5 months, he was 9.15kg and 70cm...

I emailed Nestle yesterday about formula sachets and will let you know what they say when I get the email back... I am assuming that coz it's easter, they wont get backto me til Tuesday....

Hope that helps!!

Liz xoxo
Just thought I would let you know, we brought some Lactogen the other day (I rang nestle and they dont make sachets or anything like that of it). Gave him 240ml of it for his last feed and he slept through the night - didnt even wake up or cry out coz he didnt have a dummy. I even had to get my partner to check he was still breathing for the first night.

But 3 nights on and he is getting about 12hrs sleep and isnt waking up at all.

Bubba Heath 14/7/2007

Hi, I usd novalac sweet dreams formula for my then BF baby at night(as DH was giving last feed of day) from about 6 months old and by day 2 she was sleeping thru.6pm till 7am.its thicker takes longer to digest and besides other factors like teething etc she has sletp thru...she is now 14 months and recently we started on cows milk at night for last feed and 2 BF thru day and i never looked back!

B~3/3/97 B~4/8/99 G~19/2/06

Hi I have given all 3 of my children Lactogen and everyone of them has slept through the night since they were about 6-8 weks old.
Hey hun , i bought Novolac sweet dreams the other day to give to DS of a night time so he doesnt stirr as much wen his in far so good!! its not heaps thicker then normal formula (that i noticed) i used the normal avent teats with it and seemed to be the same as normal formula, not sure if u aware of the way it works; it has Special slowly absorbed nutrients which helps bubs feel fuller for longer, in regards to sachets i work in pharmacy and have only seen sum S26 ones and Karicare ones, im pretty sure novolac dont! The only thing with the Novolac is i found u have to mix it in the bottle while the water is still HOT other wise it doesnt completely dissolve properly! Good luck with it!!
My daughter is currently using Lactogen formula does anyone know if they make a follow on formula I would love to stay with this brand cause she loves it so much. If they dont make a follow on formula can anyone tell me what the have used Lactogen what brand of formula they switched too.
Im in NZ, can you get Novolac or Lactogen here? Ive been to a couple of supemarkets and cannot see the brands.
Taine's Mum wrote:
Im in NZ, can you get Novolac or Lactogen here? Ive been to a couple of supemarkets and cannot see the brands.

I also want to know please?
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