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6months old weaning? Rss

Hi all,
My 6month daughter refuses to breastfeed, she rathers the bottle. It has gotten to the point where my milk supply has completely dropped. I'm trying to increase my milk supply by expressing 3x a day. However I'm getting less than 30ml/day. Has my daughter weaned herself off? I don't want my milk to dry up if I can prevent it. Any help or experiences would greatly be appreciated (:
My daughter also had a stage of bottle feeding in preference to breast. Her situation was a bit more complex than that but at the advice of my mother-in-law I used wide mouthed bottles with a slow teat, and at the advice of the lactation consultant I used breast compressions to make the milk she was getting out of the breast easier. I also had my husband making me a lovely banana milkshake with added ingredients to increase milk production, and was expressing 8 times a day on top of whatever breastfeeding she did. That helped with getting her onto the breast but it was a long slow process.

Good Luck
Hi dear. I think I may help you with some answer being a mother myself. Babies will sometimes go on a nursing strike. Usually, they'll eventually go back to it, but you never know. They will also take the easy way out which means a bottle. I would try to just keep nursing her and avoid the bottles. Keep pumping, try some mother's milk tea, and drink plenty of water. Keep track of her diapers to make sure she's not getting dehydrated too. Sometimes you can't pump near as much as you actually produce while nursing. Also, if your period is about to start or you're pregnant, it can affect your milk. If it's your period, your milk supply can temporarily drop. Other than this you can consult some good gynecologist. I also have some complications so I consulted with a gynecologist who helped me in getting rid of all my problems by giving me his valuable tips. Hope soon your problem will be over. My best wishes for you. Be safe and stay blessed.
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