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Advice please mummies Rss

Hi all. Long time no post for me but could really do with some advice. I am a 3rd time mummy of a 10 week old boy who i am currently breastfeeding. I am exhausted. So tired all the time, teary and just feeling absolutely useless as i cant keep up with the house and dont feel like i am being a happy mum to my 2 older kids (7yrs and 10yrs).
My dh works long hours and shift work so do it mostly alone all week. He is keen to give me a break over night this weekend and give bub a bottle at night so i can sleep. I am so torn as to whether i should do this or not. I am worried that my milk supply will dwindle and it will be the beginning of the end to breastfeeding and i just am struggling with that thought as am not in anyway ready to stop feeding. So have any others let someone elsd give a bottle at night so you cam have a rest and how did it affect your supply? Also i had mastitis many times with my last boy and dont want that to happen. Thanks in advance.
I have no advice about supply to give you; I never tried the bottle thing. I just wanted to send a hug and say what a sweetie your DH sounds. It is hard, very hard with the new born and the older kids. It is the most exhausting time of your life and I still feel the misery of it when I remember. Hang in there, it will get better - as you know when you have been through it before. Get your older kids to help you in the house, and try not to fret about what you can't do. The sky won't fall in if the house work is not all done, and your kids are old enough to really be a help to you now. Take care.
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