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Fussy at the breast Rss

This is my second time breastfeeding. My son was breastfed for 6 months with no issue however my 9 week old daughter has been very fussy at the breast since she was 3 weeks old. She is gaining weight so is obviously taking in enough milk however she will suck for about 5-10 seconds then stop & this goes on until she no longer wants the breast at all - usually 5-10 minutes. It makes the feeding process so drawn out which is difficult with a 3 year old to look after also.

Has anyone else experienced this with their children? I have spoken to the Breastfeeding Association numerous times, I've seen lactation consultants & my GP however everyone tells me to continue as we are & that it's normal.

I am getting very frustrated & am contemplating putting her on formula.

Thanks in advance.
My last baby did this as a newborn and it was a real pain but he was happy and continued putting on weight. He grew out of it by about 3-4months from memory and happily breastfed through until after 2.

My current newborn (8 weeks) is also doing it as well and I'm assuming she'll grow out of it as well.

I think all newborns are slow. My friend's baby takes almost almost an hour to feed! They get quicker as they get older.

I found making sure my baby was actually hungry rather than just fussing helps a lot. Also feeding when in a dark/quiet area helps but not that practical with a toddler! The only other thing I can think of is some newborns can't keep up with the flow if you've got a fast let down so sometimes they're better if you get them to start until you feel the let down and then take them off until it stops then let them have their full feed. I tend to do this in the morning when my supply is at its highest.

Personally I'd stick with it if I were you as your bub will almost certainly grow out of it and formula seems like more effort.
Thank you. Yes I'd rather breastfeed - it's just so frustrating, especially when my first baby fed so differently. Because I don't feel she feeds well I find I am feeding her more frequently which makes it difficult to do much else. Hopefully she'll grow out of it soon smile
Some children have difficulties adapting to a routine. Fussiness is lack of understanding. Every child has a different pattern and a mother sees this with every child she has. They are very different. I understand your position and your frustration is valid. I would encourage applying honey on the nipple so the child enjoys the taste and it is healthy for children too.
I know that, too, and that was a really strenuous time. But if you want the best for your baby, you can get through it.
Hi dear. She is possibly a slow feeder or not a strong enough suck/Letdown. Have you tried massaging the breast from the side to help flow? It might help somewhat. Or you can consult with BioTexCom clinic as I did.
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