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Bubs tummy makes horrible sound Lock Rss

The last few weeks It's been a nightmare feeding my 11 week old
As soon as the milk goes down her tummy makes the most horrible sound and she starts crying like she is in pain. This only happens when the milk goes down & only during feeds
Does anyone know what could it be
Doctors don't know I've taken her 3 times already and I'm getting so frustrated because I feel like she isn't thriving because she won't feed


I dunno what it is but my first thought would be trapped wind. I'd try breaking feeds up with multiple burping sessions (ie have 3-4 breaks of 5 mins and multiple burbs) to see if that helps.

The other thing I'd do is try going to a MACH nurse or lactation consultant (if breastfeeding) and have them watch your baby feed. They might be able to see what's the problem. They can probably give better advice than anyone here as they can actually see what's happening. There are some doctors who specialise in feeding too. They're worth seeing but I find the average GP doesn't have much (any?) training other than to check that a baby is gaining appropriate amounts of weight.

My son was just like this and to be honest I never solved the problem.... He just grew out of it with time. Burping lots helped and also I was breastfeeding and had oversupply (so block feeding helped). But my GP wasn't really concerned as my son continued to put on weight. They were probably right as he grew out of it and was fine but didn't help with the stress levels at the time!

Sorry realise this doesn't really help but you're definitely not alone. Good luck.
Thank you for your reply
I'm formula feeding her as i had some is issues with breastmilk
The doctor isn't concerned as she is putting on weight but she is just in so much pain during every feed.
I will ask for a referral to see a lactation nurse or doctor that you suggested.
When did you little one grow out of it? I'm hoping she will get better once we start solids.
I keep thinking she could be lactose intolirent because she is quiet a good baby except when it comes time to feed. Her bowels make the most horrible sound I'm in pain just by listening to it I do give her wind drops and she does pass wind but don't burp her often because once she takes the bottle there is no way I can get her to drink more if I stop to burp her.
She isn't getting nowhere near milk as reccomended she is still feeding like a newborn.
If she's putting on weight and having plenty of wet nappies and your doctor isn't concerned, then I wouldn't worry about the volume of formula she's having as despite the discomfort it sounds like she's getting enough in. It's just an extra thing to stress about and if your doctor is happy with weight gain then it sounds like you're doing a great job despite the stress.

My son was probably at his worst between about 6-12 weeks. By the time he was 4-5 months old he'd completely settled during feeding. I never worked out how to solve it but he just improved with age.

I'd definitely try giving burping more of a go. If you can get wind to come out the top end its much nicer for bub than having it trapped inside until it comes out the bottom. But you can only do what you can only do!

Also just adding have you tried changing the flow speed of the teats your using. I found when my son was using one too slow or too fast that made feeding worse (he bottle fed during the day as I went back to work early). Too slow and he was frustrated and wouldn't want to do a whole feed and too fast and he gulped in lots of air trying to keep up.

Hopefully one of the formula feeding mums on here have some ideas that could help but sounds like you're doing a great job!
Yeah she has plenty of wet nappies
Not so much during the night as she likes to sleep between 10-3am

Doctor was concerned but after the second visit she gave her the all clear. She only gets about 50-60mls per feed but I'm feeding her every 1 1/2-2 hrs because if I leave her unfed for 4 hours she will still drink the same ammount she won't take more despite the gap between feed.

I'm hoping it will all pass
But I might request an ultrasound on her tummy to make sure nothing is wrong with her bowels
Hopefully when she is 4 months things will settle with some solids

Thanks for your help being a first time mum any bit of advice helps ????

Yes I've changed the teit from slow to medium flow and she likes it a little more. But always gulps her milk at the start of the feed and runs out of breath and we have to stop & give her a rest.

Thank you I hope I'm doing a good job some days never seem to end but hopefully it will all pass
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