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Mastitis? Lock Rss

I'm a first time mum and my daughter is one week old. Hubby and I noticed a red patch on my left breast about an hour ago. Earlier today I had chills and felt really cold despite it not being cold in the house. I have felt fine this afternoon and don't have a fever. I can't get hold of my midwife to ask her what she thinks. Does it sound like it could have the beginnings of mastitis? I've been having trouble latching on this beast and the nipple is bit cracked, I've just started using nipple shields today and have given my daughter a big feed since noticing this to attempt to drain the breast have also applied a wheat pack. Is there anything I can do to help stop this becoming full blown?
I had similar symptoms when at the beginning of mastitis. The best thing to do is feed baby often or express. Try a hot shower or hot flannel on the spot and massage the red area. Cabbage leaves can help but don't leave them on for long because they can dry up your milk supply. Try to drink lots of fluid and rest too.
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