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My 10 week old won't feed Lock Rss

My 10 week old daughter won't feed she only has 40-50mls every 2 hours if I'm lucky! We tried 2 different formulas already and both seem to not be working and she screams and pushes it out with her tongue and sometimes even spits it all out. I feel like I'm forcing her every single time.
I did notice everytime the milk goes down her bowels make a horrible grumbling sound and I think she is in pain. I've tried everything including wind drops but nothing seems to be working.
She does burp and poo so I dont think she has any issues there although when she does a poo it's only once a day and she grunts and strains and goes all red.

I've been to the doctor 3 times now and they don't know what's wrong
It's come to the point where I'm becoming depressed and don't feel as connected with my daughter, I spend most of my days in tears and dread it when it comes time to feed her.

Does anyone have any advice or been through a simmilar situation?
Being a first time mum I feel like I'm failing my daughter.
Hi sorry to hear yours story, were the doctor sure that she is not suffering silent/reflux.
Sound like she is in pain.. Have you try gaviscon for infant? Or losec? I know it hard when baby is not drinking and mom like us will force them but soon when bub is abit older will scare of bottle and it becomes feeding aversion like my son. He is now 4 months just wont take bottle while he is awake.
Im sorry to hear that he is not feeding too.
My little one is 4 months now and is doing better, i had to try different formulas to see which one she would take better.
The doctor had no clue what was wrong which was so frustrating!! Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands because you know better than anyone that something is wrong. They were all telling me that nothing is wrong when i know for a fact she wouldn't feed for a certain reason.
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