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Constipation Lock Rss

Hi ladies, my son is 6 months old and he's on solids since 5 months. He's on Nan pro formula but since changing to stage 2, he's constipated. Ive heard that Novalac for constipation helps but just wondering whether i should stick to the same brand for eg Nan ha or change to novalac. Any ideas please?
Thanks Tiah.
My daughter was on nan pro gold and made her constipated and her poo was always pebbly (doctor said that's a sign of constipation)
She also strains and goes all red when she does it.
I suggest switching formula maybe one that's not gold as I heard that makes them constipated with extra iron. We are on Karicare Plus at the moment and her poo is much better.
Hope that helps smile
Maybe change formula or go back to stage 1. My son was on mamia formula (from Aldi) and I always kept him on stage 1, but that was because I never knew there were different stages until he was like 8 months. I just kept him on stage 1 anyway and now he's drinking cows milk. No problems at all with mamia.
hey, i had a similar experience and changed to Novolac at 7 months - it didnt seem to make a difference for about a week but after that it definitely cleared up. i would recommend making the change and if you dont notice a difference in a few weeks discuss options with your family doctor. good luck!
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