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My baby won't take a bottle!? Lock Rss

My baby is 5 months old. She has been exclusively breastfed. I have expressed into bottles which she has sometimes taken in the past but now that I want to start weaning her to bottles, she doesn't want to have anything out of a bottle.

I have tried different teats and she seems to tolerate the pigeon ones the best. This week I have started her on formula and tried offering it to her once or twice a day. She sometimes latches on and eats about half of the formula before stopping. She then cries and wants the boob instead. I then wait a while before offering her the boob.

I have tried two different formulas as well as expressed breastmilk but she does the same thing. She does the same thing when other people try and feed her or when she is in different places or positions. Any tips?
Has she started solids yet?

The reason why i ask is because i have had a similar issue with my son. He has been formula fed since birth and has been on lactose free formula for a long time due to tummy issues and wind as a newborn. Turns out he is not lactose intolerant so being on that formula is no longer needed. BUT i mention it because i have started to introduce solids to my son and after a couple of weeks he stopped taking the bottle. He would throw himself out of my arms if i tried to feed him. It didnt matter who, what or where he was being fed he refused to have a full feed, or have a feed at all. He would go a long time (sometimes 7hrs during the day) without a bottle. He would happily have water and solids. I tried everything. then i realised it was the plastic tasting lactose free formula that he didnt like. I changed his formula and he has been absolutely fine ever since. So i worked out that it was the taste and because he was being exposed to a variety of different tastes via solids he knew that the plastic tasting formula just wasnt for him. It wasnt palatable.

It might be your daughter prefers the taste of your breastmilk over the taste of the formula that your offering. I would persevere with different formulas (not too often though as she might get an upset tummy) because some have a nicer taste than others. I tasted all the formulas i offered to my son because i thought hey! if i wont have it, or i dont like it, why should he? It is also around this time that their preferences start to become really clear. Hopefully that helps.
My sister has faced similar issues. She tried to bottle feed her son when he was 4 months old. She preferred to bottle feed because she had undergone a breast enlargement procedure in Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic Toronto and doesn't want her boob to lose its shape. But the child doesn't want anything of a bottle. But at last, she succeeded in her mission. Here are some tips:
Hope this would be useful.
Yes she has started solids but she didn't take the bottle even before that. What formula do you use? I've tried Bellamy's and aptamil with no success. In saying that, she won't take breastmilk from the bottle either!
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