Hi guys

My 15 week old has been on Karicare formula since birth, just the normal one, not HA.

On the last two tins I bought there is a sticker on top saying that they would be sourcing some different ingredients for the formula and that "your baby may notice a slight taste difference".

Now, at 15 weeks, I definitely can't tell if he thinks it tastes different but, he has been doing a lot more poo, and runnier than normal, over the last few days which I think might be due to that. I've also noticed that instead of eating/sleeping from 9.30pm-3.30am, last night he only went 10pm-3am and the night before 9.30pm-2am. Am wondering if it's possible that the formula isn't keeping him as full?

So, just wondering if anyone else out there uses this formula and if you've noticed any changes with your babies?