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Please......give me your boob biting baby tips!! Lock Rss

Ouch, you poor thing sad A combination of removing DD1 while saying 'No' and putting her on the floor as well as being vigilant at the end of a feed (when the actual feeding part was over) worked for us. DD2 hasn't started as yet thankfully, but DD1 was about 5 months too. Can you tell when his latch changes (so his tongue is no longer protecting bottom teeth) and quickly get him off before he chomps?

I only had luck with the pushing him into my boob so he had to let go to breathe option; only had to do that twice. The unlatching and putting him down never worked. I also worked out when he was doing it and learned to watch for signs he might bite; for him it was towards the end of a feed..which could have been a "why isn't this milk flowing so quickly anymore mum?" or it could just have been a "this feed is finished, I don't know what else to do, and this seems like a good idea".

I used the unlatch method,except instead of putting him down I would make him re-latch straight away. It took a few weeks but then I never got another chomp again and I bf my DS until he was 21 months.
I made a lot of emphasis on how it was hurting me, through making eye contact and showing my face and saying that it hurt. Since I used the same explanation in normal life when someone was hurt, they easily made the link and understood that it was hurting me, Of my 4 kids, 3 of them only ever bit me once each with normal feeding after i showed them it hurt me, and my 4th just took a bit longer to realise it was hurting me (ADHD/autism/SPD, I think he just didn't know it was hurting me). I had a few weeks of biting when I had poor supply, this was my son trying to get more milk out, so I worked through that by trying to get better letdown and taking him off to wait for letdown.
Dd isn't much of a biter but has got me once or twice. I find when she did was when she was in a tired or fussy mood. I would avoid feeding him when he's like that. Does he do it when he's calm too??

My DS was a terrible biter. I almost gave up feeding when he was 6mths. He got his first 2 teeth at 4mths & kept biting nothing worked. In the end I tried giving a bottle of formula for 2 feeds & he drank a little but really wanted my milk. He did stop but I still had to take him off when he did it. I found it was when he was playing rather than drinking or he had just had enough that he would do it. I had planned to stop feeding by 12mths, then 18mths now at 20mths I have seriously had enough & he still bites now to try & be funny tongue
Have you managed to work out why he's biting? My bub (now 9 mnths) has been biring for about 2 mnths on and off, and it took me ages to work out it was a combination of teething and my letdown not being fast enough for him! Tried the "no" and taking away methods, didn't work for me. I agree with hippie Kiwi above, the "smother slightly with breast method" works best (sounds ridiculous, if you ring the ABA helpline on 18006862686 they will explain it). Didn't stop the problem for me, but it has greatly lessened it and I can now tell when it's likely to happen (teeth pain or slow letdown at the end of the day) so can be prepared. My partner suggested I wean, but after all the pain I've been through to get to this point, no way, not without a fight! I also really find that when bub is tired and I'm tired, I lie him on his back and I feed him kneeing on all fours over the top of him (which looks rather bizarre when I'm feeding him in a park in public, but oh well) andit really seems to help re lack of biting because the milk is flowing out much faster.

Hang in there and good luck!
I found only the pushing them into the boob so they had to let go to breathe worked too. It sounds horrible but it gives them a bit of a shock so they quickly realise if they bite something not very nice happened and it stopped my kids pretty quickly.

Forever, for always and no matter what

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