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Baby hates the taste of Pepti junior Lock Rss

My 2 month old has a possible dairy and soy intolerance so the pediatrician has prescribed Pepti junior. Bubs seems to hate the taste and only drinks half of what he usually would. Is there anything I can add to it to encourage him to drink it? Unfortunately the pediatrician isn't available to speak to until Monday.
Hi there. I don't really have a lot of advice for you...a close friend of mine has had a lot of feeding problems and her DD is cows milk protein intolerant, and has complete breast refusal. She has been following a strict diet and giving expressed milk and is now trying to switch to formula. She flat out refused to drink the Elecare even when mixed with breast milk, and is now on the Pepti Junior but still not very fussed.

Apparently the elemental formulas are not that pleasant tasting, but I don't think there is anything that could be added. As long as your little one is gettting something then I'd just wait until Monday and talk to paed...maybe he will take time to adjust to it.

Good luck
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