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Winding bub?!?! What should I be doing Rss

I wouldn't say my baby is extremely colicky or windy but more that I'm useless at winding her. Sometimes I can pick her up and she burps away. But once she gets full blown hiccups I'm hopeless at stopping them normally resort to putting her on my breast and tapping her bum, rubbing her back and tap between her shoulder blades. Seems to work but not sure if I'm just repressing her wind.
Any good tips/tricks out there what should I be doing?...
As far as I know hiccups aren't caused by wind.
So winding won't stop the hiccups, just have to wait for them to go away, or feed her if that helps them go away, won't be doing any harm
I think that putting the baby back on the breast my be creating a bigger problem, as when the baby hiccups and breaths in it is also drinking and causing more wind.
I have had two windy babies and the best thing I've found to use is Infants' Friend from the chemist. I helps bring the wind out and relax the baby and quite often they will go to sleep. My babies were non windy within 15minutes. The best thing was that is can be used at every feed. Some tummy time also helps.
My babies had much much less problems with this after about 10 weeks.
thanks ladies will have a look at the chemist. I wouldn't say she is really bad wind wise gets the hiccups more.
But do have a tough time at night have cut out coffee was only having one a day but not sure if that was setting her off. Couldn't drink coffee when I was pregnant so most likely she doesn't like caffeine fair enough too haha
Something to assist would be helpful I'm sure
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