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Period returning Rss

smile I stopped bf my 1st at 2 years old and my period returned after 1 and a half years and with number 2 i got sick and my milk supply dropped so low it was barely there when he was 5 months then i picked it back up again and am now fully bf him again and have my period on and off... its different for every person smile

Just wondering how soon did everyone's period return after weaning your little ones from breastfeeding?

It has only been a couple of days since I stopped bf and i am having cramps which feel very similar to period pain and wondered if my period was already on its way? I am still on the mini pill too and does anyone know if I should be going onto another contraceptive pill now that I am not bf?

I fully breastfed all of my children and with all of them my peiods returned when they were around 6 weeks, except my last baby ( a C-section) and they returned when he was 8 weeks!!
If you have finished bf it is safe to go onto the regular pill (which I would recommend when you have kids as you have don't have to be so careful with having it at the same time every day)
i got my period 3 months after breastfeeding my son for 6 months and with my second son i breastfed for 8months and im still waiting for my period to come after 2 months! but also i never took the mini pill as i found no need to
mine returned when i was weaning down to 1 b/f a day. he was 9months old.
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