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Feeling guilty, sad and sore! Lock Rss

Over the past few days my ds who is nearly 10 months has been latching on with his teeth when feeding and it has been painful. I have perservered and even tried telling him off but nothing has worked so I made the decision yesterday to wean him onto formula. Surprisingly he takes the bottle well so that is not the issue but I am now upset, not to mention my breasts are so heavy and sore that I want to go back to bf again.

I know its only been one full day without him having a bf but I feel sad about it and not sure if I am ready myself to give it up! Am hoping it is just because he is teething that he is like that.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should I continue with the bottle or go back to breast?
Personally I think your lucky you bf as long as you did. I had nothing at 5 weeks and had to make that decision also. As hard as it was and yes there were tears on my behalf....I have not looked back. Going to formula has given me my freedom back and my DD has absolutely thrived. She's happy I'm happy. At first I wanted to try bf again even resorting to medication. Don't feel guilty as if your bub is missing out on something. In your mind you will miss the bonding bf brings. I found this hard to explain to my DH.
Try discover your freedom once again.


I have just done exactly the same thing!
My DD2 is 10 months now and I weaned her 2 weeks ago, but I did it because I went back to work and being away from her killed my supply. Even expressing did not seem to help much at all.
Yes I cried, yes I was convinced I had done the wrong thing because both her and I missed it so much, but now DH can get up for her when she wakes in the night and he can offer her a bottle.
Some days I wish I was still BF her and I know she wants it, she keeps pulling at my top and trying to latch on from outside my clothes, but I was going to wean her at 12 months anyway so it is only slightly earlier than planned.
If you still have a good supply, just make sure you express just enough to make you comfortable, and do it less and less, like your teaching your body that bub doesn't need so much anymore and it will gradually make less.

The saddest part for me is that she is my last bub, no more breastfeeding for me ever sad

Ouch, I remember that pain. My little fella who is 16 months is still breastfeeding but when he was teething and his teeth were first coming in he bit me a few times and I nearly shot through the roof. Ultimately it is your decision whether you want to wean your baby and you should not feel any guilt but sadness is normal. If you do want to keep trying I used to take him straight off when he bit me and put the breast away. He went nuts and it took a few goes but he got the message! Good luck and remember to do what is right for you. In regard to the soreness if you do plan to wean, take the pressure off but hand expressing a little bit in the shower and throughout the day will allow you to wean slowly rather than cold turkey which is ouchy!!!
Did you just stop BF or gradually wean each feed after a few days? I weaned slowly over a period of about 3 weeks at around the same age. I did not have any breast discomfort.
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