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Trouble Bottle feeding Rss

I am returning to work soon and am trying to get my son to start feeding from a bottle. He is 7 months old. I have tried breast milk and formula in a bottle with no luck. does anyone have some advice please!
thankfully i am not having the troubles you are, my DS is also 7mths, and i return to work in 3.5wks, but he will take bottles of ebm for me. who has been trying him with the bottle? you or someone else? i know some babies will not take a bottle if they can smell your milk. my lil man first needed to take bottles of ebm when i had to do a prac for uni when he was 4.5mths.

i have never given him a bottle, but my mum, sister, sil and hubby hav all successfully given him bottles

sorry not much help

good luck

Hi, have you starting cup training yet? Dd2 hasn't needed a bottle or anything, but drinks water out of a nuby sippy cup, or sports bottle or my glass. She has had some ebm out ot her sippy cup. It's worth a try.
Thank you for your advice!
She has had some ebm out ot her sippy cup.

Just wondering, do you sterilise your sippy cup for ebm? I don't for water, and DS not using sippy cup well enough for ebm yet, but would like to use it later


I usually just make sure to rinse it under hot water to make sure there's no detergent. She's only had it three times and both times it's being fresh or at least not frozen. She hasn't had any tummy troubles, and puts everything in her mouth and I think that's when they recommend to stop sterilizing. But in saying that dd1 was comp feed until about 3 1/2 months and we sterilized everything in boiling water. I think my sister whose ds had formula at day care or with us had he's bottles sterilized.
Thanks, i sterilize bottles to express as it is stored in freezer, but trying to work out if i need to sterilize bottles he is drinking out of when i go bac to work in 3wks. unless he drinking alot better from sippy cup by then, he will be drinking from bottles to start, he dribbles so much of the water from sippy cup, and i dont particularly want my liquid gold being wasted on his bib!!

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