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Painful boobies! Lock Rss

I have decided to stop breastfeeding my almost 7 month old son, everythings fine on his part, hes happily drinking bottles etc but its my breasts that are the problem... it has only been a day and my boobs are really hard and painfull, i know this is normal but i dont know how long it will last or if i should massage etc to reduce the risk of mastitis... if anyone out there could help id appreciate it!
Hey I'm going thru exactly the same thing as you at the moment. OUCH!!! I've only stopped bf yesterday and it feels worse than when my milk first came in!!! I've read that the real painful part only lasts a few days (thank god!) but it can take any where from 2 weeks to a few months for your milk to dry up. I've been expressing about 60 ml off each side when they get really full just to try and ease some of the pressure but not produce any more milk lol. I'd be interested if you find any remedies that help as well smile

so its ok to relieve the preasure? i wasnt sure if that would just encourage the milk...
how old is your little girl?
Yea its ok as long as you don't get a heap off each side - just enough to relieve the pressure - I stop before I get the let down. My lil girls 4 months, it was such a hard decision to make but in the end we had to as we would both end up in tears at feed time due to her being fussy and not wanting to wait for my let down sad Tried expressing and feeding in a bottle for a while but got over that VERY quickly lol. I do have my moments of feeling guilty and wondering if I've done the right thing but hey at the end of the day happy mum = happy baby smile
Hey there,

I went through the same thing with my DD. I was in agony for about 6 days and then my milk dried up completely. Thank goodness.

I bought a pair of Bosom Buddies that I kept in the freezer and applied them to my boobs whenever it got too painful. Some other remedies are using cool face washers, cabbage leaves and strapping your boobs up really tightly. Also, make sure you massage any lumps out to ensure you don't get mastitis.

Good luck and I hope this has helped a little. smile]

Thanks for that smile
I just went into my local health store and got a naturo pharm product called milk stop - hopefully its going to help ease alot of the pressure - will let ya know!!!
How you feeling today?
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