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I am wondering if anyone can help that has maybe been through this?
My 15 week old daughter has been really fussy with her formula since she was about 6 weeks old. I stopped breast feeding at 4 weeks and she was fine for the first 2 weeks!
At the moment she is drinking 4 bottles of between 100 - 180ml in a 24 hour period. I have taken her to the dr and he has prescribed Losec and Gaviscon Infant as he thinks she has reflux.
Im not 100% sure thats what it is, but am giving it to her as that is the only way she will drink her bottles.
She is a happy baby and is gaining weight but I guess what Im concerned with is is she getting enough milk? I have also tried different types of teats and teething gel before feeds.But they dont seem to help...
Does anyone have any advice that has also had this problem?

My DD, now 5 months has always been a fussy feeder. She has 4 bottles of less than 120ml(one of those is a late feed and often she may only have 60ml of this one), and one bottle before bed (so 6.30pm) that she'll usually drink a bit more, say 180-210ml. She's happy and putting on weight so I don't worry about it anymore.

Noodle 24/12/05 Mops 03/11/07

Hi there, I agree, if she's happy and gaining weight - don't worry about it. How much weight does she gain in a week - over 100grams?? Do you still do the 10pm dream feed? I am guessing not if she is only having 4 feeds. Does she sleep through the night, and how hungry is she when she wakes???
Thank you for the reassurance!!!
She seems to be drinking a little more in the last day and a half... I managed to get her to take 5 bottles yesterday but this arvo she is starting to refuse again!
I normally feed her at 5.30am, 8.30am, 12.30pm, 4ish and try for another about 8 or 9pm. The last couple of feeds she only has about 100ml I'm guessing she gets enough during the day?
She is putting on about 100gms a weeks, but its bizarre cos the first 3 weeks after she was born she was a little piggy putting on about 400gms.
I guess I wills top stressing and just let her eat what she wants!!
Thanks again smile
Hi ya, my little one was the same. He put 340gms on a week and now his average is 100gms.
If you can, push the 5.30 out till 6.30 by rocking the cot and trying to re-settle her. Next feed 10am and then the next at 2pm. It's a bit of a change though. Next feed at 5pm, just enough to keep her happy whilst having a bath and stuff and then more at 6.15 to be ready for bed at 7pm.
My little boy took almost 45 mins to drink his secound feed but it helped to keep him asleep till 10.30 when I did the dream feed - up for 30 to 40mins and approx 100mls.
This routine now has him sleeping from 10.30 till 6ish 7ish... but he woke at 3ish for a while first.

Hope this helps
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