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Breast and Bottle Feeding


Feeding Your Baby - Helpful Links Lock

Hi there, Thanks to a member suggestion, we have included direct links below for our members to...

1 reply

Thanks for such an informative information


Huggies Help Panel - Nutritionist Lock

Hi Everyone Just to let you know our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, is ready to answer your questio...

2 replies

Hi, can you suggest a diet for 4 years old? My son is very active and doesn’t show any interest in food.


Expressing milk Lock

My question is this: did you breastfeed or pumped milk to bottle feed? I breastfed my first child...

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Smoothie Cups for Toddler for easy drinking Lock

I have an 8-month-old baby and i want to buy a good quality Smoothie Cups for Toddler. Can anyone...

2 replies

Hello, could you try the brands that are listed on this page since they sell chocolates they have a lis...


Reusable Breast Milk Bags Lock

Is there an environmentally friendly alternative to breast milk bags?

1 reply

I thought about it sometime before. I even had some researches. But for our pity, there is no real alternative. I have always been k...


Baby not drinking when awake Lock

Hi mummies, it's my first time posting thing up the net because this time, I am seriously he...

17 replies

Hello ladies, I am pretty sure those posts are from 2 -3 year old. Please tell me what the solutions are. I am facing the same situ...


How much formula is your 9-10month olds drinking!! Lock

Hi there, I'm interested in how much formula other 9-10 month olds are drinking. My first bub was...

13 replies

My 9 month old was doing so well with his bottles, drinking up to 750ml a day. Suddenly after returning home from overseas trip, he ...


Milk spillage around mouth whilst feeding Lock

Any advice welcome. I have 5 week twin girls born via caesarean at 37 weeks gestation. Both are g...

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Breast Pumps Lock

Hi I am looking at getting a breast pump and while I have read a lot of reviews on different mo...

15 replies

I used a manual Medela hand pump. I had an old second hand electric pump (just change the tubes and the pads) for my first but I di...


breast milk curdling? Lock

Hi just wanting to know what's happening to my breast milk, every now & again i will express some...

6 replies

Yes, agree with the replies on your comment. I would refridgerate or freeze it immediately after expressing, if i could. But I’ve le...


Seem to be losing milk supply baby is 4 months Lock

Hi, I have been breast feeding since Zara was born and she is just over four months. I have neve...

12 replies

I would recommend giving Domperidone a try. I had a huge over-supply! I could have fed triplets. We are now on our 14th month of bre...


Low milk supply Lock

I have a low milk supply and have been trying to breastfeed as much as possible, but only getting...

14 replies

@casy I have exactly same experience as you . Baby is 5 weeks old tongue cheek and lip tie. 5 midwifes didn't pick up on it. S...


6weeks old baby formula S26 gold Lock

Hi everyone here. My bub is 6weeks old and do you know how much should she have for her formula? ...

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pre making formula Lock

i was thinking of making up my formula bottles i need for the day in the morning so i dont have t...

10 replies

I've always just had pre boiled water ready to go but have just started pre making bottles for the day. As long as water is coo...


What if we have no choice but to bottle feed? Lock

We wanted our child to be breastfed. How can a woman improve her body's milk production?

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Bellamys organic vs Aldi Mamia newborn formula Lock

Hi I currently use Bellamy’s organic formula. I like to stick to Aussie made brands because we ha...

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Taking Care of My Baby But My Hand Is Very Painful Lock

Few months from the day I gave birth, I really babysit my child with the utmost care. However, th...

7 replies

i wanna add one suggestion that why not to try floor chair you can give rest to your hands while having floor chair, you can check m...


Almost a year old and still does night feeds Lock

Hi all, My DD will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks, she is a semi good feeder during the day ...

1 reply

My daughter is almost 2. And we are still feeding through the night! I think you are right to go with her and she will let you know ...

3 month old? How many bottles? Lock

Hi, Just curious to find out 'How many bottle do other parents give their babies that are aroun...

4 replies

Hi my boy is 11weeks old he has 4x120/180ml bottles n abit of a boob top up inbetween the bottles. His last bottle is at 6pm he is s...


How'd you cure Mastitis? Are you taking probiotics? Lock

Hi parents! I'm a mom of 3 and currently breastfeeding my 8 months son. However, I'm th...

1 reply

Hi! I highly recommend Qiara Also, sleep on your back. I got mastitis three times with DS1 and most times it was because I slept on...


Routine for 8 month old. And going to 3 bottles? Lock

Hi Ladies I was wondering if everyone can please show me what your routines are for your 8 month ...

12 replies

Hi there, I have stuck this routine for both of my babies and I think its works a treat. My dd will be 8 months tomorrow and has bee...


Which brand is best for Brest feeding bottle Lock

Hello I am a reader of a blog site since 2year. Their content strategy and top pick criteria alwa...

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Huggies Support

How long did you breastfeed for? Lock

Some women love breastfeeding but others find it challenging. If you found it difficult (or are c...

8 replies

Any nutrition for 6 months old baby??


Dishwasher for baby's bottles? Lock

Hi Does anyone use a dishwasher to clean their baby's bottles and feeding utensils? I haven't be...

11 replies

Boil your babies bottle with warm water upto 10-15 minutes, it work like home remedy.


Pumping confusion. Advice needed! Lock

Hey Guys, I'm starting to pump to build up my milk stock in the freezer. My clinical nurse...

2 replies

Why dont u try pumping one side for a bit while bubs feeding. Then when he fin feeding one side take him to pumped side. If he has a...


my 4 month old is breastfed and wont take a dummy or bottle Lock

hi mum's anyone got advice on getting your baby to take a bottle or even a dummy ?( i have s...

1 reply

Try dipping the teat in some milk 1st so he tastes that not the rubber. Try bottle thru a bra so bubs is close. Best of luck.


Low supply, stressed and working Lock

I really want to continue breast feeding as im 40 and this will most likely be my last baby. Howe...

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is there early signs when getting Mastitis? Lock

hi ladies haven't been on for a while, but need some advise. i am still bf my 11 week old and s...

7 replies

It could be mastitis. And have you heard that it happens when you are lack in specific probiotic strains. You can talk to your docto...


Dont want to breast feed want to go straight to formula feed Lock

Hi My second child is due in April and we have decided we dont want to even try to breast feed th...

26 replies

Hi! Many thanks for all your comments. I am new here, 15 weeks pregnant and choosing a place where to give birth as my partner and...


When to stop sterilising? Lock

My DS is 6 months old & has been bottle feed sincve day 1. He is now eating solids and we don't ...

15 replies

According to me it is very important to sterilize baby bottles before using it.