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Infertility and surrogacy Rss

Hey Eudora. How are you? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, I am feeling very happy for you. My heartiest congratulation to you. Indeed surrogacy has done a lot for us. I really appreciate the efforts of science to introduce this step. I really appreciate that. We all should appreciate instead of making it controversial. I myself had a baby through surrogacy. And I know how much blessing is it for us. I am looking forward to having another baby through surrogacy. Wish me best of luck. Need your prayers.
Hey dear! Hope so you are doing good. First of all my heartiest congratulation to you on having a baby. I know on what steps a woman has to pass while dealing with such fertility issues. It's an embarrassing sight. I have also walked through the process of surrogacy. As I have a heart disease, that's why I was unable to conceive naturally. So surrogacy was the last option to have a baby. Then I had to go for it. And it made me fulfill my wish. I think surrogacy is really a kind of blessing for infertile couples. I hope it will be common soon
This is an amazing motivational story. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sure you must have gone through a lot of tough times. But I am glad that you did not lose hope. You chose the best decision for yourself. Congratulations on your baby daughter. I wish you all the luck in your future.
You have made my day dear. It's really pleasurable to hear that you have taken a very wise decision. Surrogacy has proven to be a great blessing for the people. However, we are not in the same boat but I can feel you. I appreciate you as you are doing great. With struggle and hope, I'm sure that your dream will definitely come true. Infertility is common among people nowadays. However, it's great that you have found a way to overcome your infertility. Wishing you very best of luck for your infertility treatment. I will be glad if you keep us updated in this regard. You have waited for a very long time and I believe you deserve to be a mother. I will suggest you opt for surrogacy among these treatments. There are clinics in Eastern Europe offering surrogacy treatment. It will work for you this time. Wishing you very best of luck for the journey of love!
Hey there how are you? Hope you are fine. Welcome to this forum. Hope you get a good piece of advice here. Seeing women aware about surrogacy and getting success really makes me happy. Surrogacy is indeed a great blessing of science and it's changing the lives of so many colorless people. I had also faced hard times. It was like an end for me at that time but thanks to my friend who told me about surrogacy and by the grace of Almighty it worked perfectly for me. I traveled to Ukraine for my treatment. Thanks to my clinic who make it possible for me. Surrogacy is doing wonders from years. I hope every hopeless people get the happiness through this treatment. God bless us all
Congratulations my dead Freind. You are lucky to blessed with a baby girl. I am so happy for you. You are right infertility is a very tough time. It completely makes their life miserable. Our society won't accept it. They considered it as a couple fault to be infertile. It's none of the anyone fault. It's all by natural means. Surrogacy is a blessing for such people. There is a good clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. Their treatment is very less expensive. I wish you a very good future ahead. Till then best of luck
Hi Eudora! I hope you are in good health. Infertility is indeed becoming very common in today’s society and more and more women are suffering from it. Surrogacy is a blessing for infertile people since it lets you have your own biological child. I have also gone through the surrogacy procedure to start a family and know how happy you must be. I am also blessed with a baby girl just like you and I had her through surrogacy from Ukraine. Ukraine has some of the best fertility clinics no doubts about that. I am glad that you have shared your stories with us. I hope it is a source of inspiration to people suffering from infertility to never give up hope. I wish you the best of luck take care.
I am very happy for you. You have found the right place. That's why you are happy with your treatment. There are many clinics like lotus and Adonis. They are worst clinics. They will treat you very badly. So please be careful about choosing your clinic. My sister was a victim of these clinics. I wish you a very good luck.
Surrogacy is such a great blessing of science. Surrogacy has proven to be beneficial for the infertile couples. Well, it’s appreciable that you never lost the heart. Wishing you good luck for many more times. Your dream will definitely come true. Your experience is very motivating.
very actual for me
How are you? I think that you are absolutely fine. I am very happy to hear that you are expecting. Take care. Yes, I think it’s all right to your bubs. If you are not vaccinated. Then I thought that it causes effects to your bubs. So, I’ll recommend you to use it earlier. Don’t you worry dear? If you use it according to your doctor’s instruction. Then nothing serious will happen. One of my family fellows also suffered in it during pregnancy. Her doctor recommends her to use it earlier. So be relax. Thanks.
Accept my heartiest congratulations on your success. I hope you are doing great dear. I’m really very happy for you. Surrogacy is a miracle of science. It has benefitted many infertile individuals in past. Many infertile individuals have children all due to surrogacy. Nowadays, every sixth couple is suffering from infertility. Infertility is causing mental illness and distress among people. Dear, unfortunately, we are in the same boat. But I have come to know about surrogacy recently. My friend has told me about a clinic in Europe. She said that clinic is offering unlimited tries at an affordable price. Also, there’s a guarantee of an infant. So i have decided to go for it.
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