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My partner doesn't want our baby Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I found out I was pregnant recently and I'm in early stages. My partner was ecstatic because we were trying for a baby. A month on and we have been happy till now where all of a sudden he doesn't want the baby and isn't sure if he wants me. He won't even stay at home and decided to go to his parents place. I don't know what to do. I'm 25 and this is my first baby. I can't understand how he suddenly doesn't want the responsibility and how he isn't sure if he's happy with me anymore. I need advice because my heads a bit of a mess.
Sorry to hear about this situation! It sounds like he's had a bit of a freakout, understandable being young sometimes. If you're ready to have this baby, then make that clear to him and he needs to decide to stay and support you through the process, or you will need to solo it. But if you were both planning to be parents, I think he must've had a scared moment. Give him some time to sort his head out, he may just be worried about finances and the new responsibility coming along! Good luck!
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please take care yourself and don't take any kind of stress in your mind because it's not good for you and also for your baby. I think it should be better for you to make that clear to him. May be he scared with this moment because this is the first baby of both you..

Oh this is so sad to heare your going through this with your first. in my first pregnancy I got a cold shoulder despite he was the one talking about family prior. he suddenly switched off and felt he needed space. I actuality me being pregnant was a "commitment" to me issue. and I didn't realise at that time but as females I think we tend to look at the bigger picture often and naturally where males are more presently focused. no situation is the same however and I would suggest you have a serious conversation with him and start off by saying "you feel" so he doesn't get all defensive. hopefully you both can come up with something and sort through it. relationships can be full of ups and downs it's about how well you hold on and get through it together. but in saying that no matter what happens , that precious darling inside you is going to change your world and I wish you the very best !!
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