I am trying from the last 7 year to conceive but I still didn’t even get the results that I am looking for. I have been trying with my all heart to get what it really means to me. It was one of the worst parts of my life.
The stories started when I married to my husband. He is so car able and loveable and I want to give him everything that he deserves. My emotions are really attached to him and I want that everything happen is going o happen.
He took me to the doctors after the first year of conceive. I am going to get to the tests to get the hell out of the infertility problem. The problem finally has been started when we decided to met the fertility experts.
All the things, that matters when I decided to peruse on the things which really important for me. Having baby is the dream of my life. I cannot stop if my eggs are not mature. There is lots of clinic who donate the eggs.
Before going for that I have to go through the test. I am going for the next week which results are essential for me. I am here to understand and I always believe that there is everything that needs is on the other side of the test.