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I am 37 weeks today and have been told that my baby is still in a breech position. I have had 2 other children both boys both normal births however its been 9 years between my current youngest and this baby.
I also have an anteria placenta (dont know if that is relevent) that i have also never had before. I hadnt given much thought about the breech position before today so have been reading things on the internet this afternoon and im now starting to freak out a little. Most sites are saying babies that dont or cant turn may have birth defects or developmentle issues does anyone know if this is correct???
Does anyone know if the anteria placenta has anything to do with the position of the baby.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I've had 4 friends with breech bubs. Two of them had hip problems as newborns and two were fine. Both the bubs with clicky hips just wore a harness to keep their legs in a good position for about a month or so and that was all that was needed to fix the problem. They're both now nearly toddlers and crawling and doing everything normally with no ongoing problems.

Both my friends found it pretty stressful at the time but with hindsight it all worked out fine and it never upset their bubs at all who didn't even notice the problem. It wasn't painful or anything to their bubs.

I wouldn't worry about it for now as much as possible as theres nothing you can do and many bubs are completely fine anyway. They test all new babies hips at birth (breech or not) as well as at the healthy baby check ups because it's a common problem that is easily fixed if picked up early. Your midwife or paediatrician who looks after your bub will be able to give you more info if required.
My friend recently had a breech baby with a C section. Her ob tried to turn the baby around but was not successful.

Bub's really good smile so I don't think you should worry too much. Listen to what your midwife and ob advise you and the paediatrician will check bub after delivery
My two boys were breech and both fine.

As a PP said, the main concern is their hips which are usually fixed over a few months by bubs wearing a brace.

Don't stress until you need to. Even then it's typically fixed without too much drama.

My nephew was breech and fine too!

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