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UPDATE: Lactose intolerant...what brands to buy, foods to feed? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

My youngest, who's one tomorrow, woke up last Tuesday morning with what appeared to be some sort of gastro. He poo'ed non-stop all Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (about 12-15 times each day) before I finally thought, this isn't gastro and went to the doc. The poo was all sorts, dark colour, light colour, mucousy...but always runny.

They took a sample of his poo which today has come back all clear - no bacteria, worms etc which is great.

The problem I have though is that today, 8 days later, he is still pooing, a lot. He did about 8 yesterday and has done 6 already today, it's 3pm. He's otherwise totally normal, playing, eating and having his milk (which, God help me, he's reverted to having three times a night again...arrrggghhh)!

The doc now wants to take another sample to see if he's lactose intolerant which, apparently, can happen after a bout of gastro.

I have never heard of this happening and was wondering if any of you had something similar with your little ones?

The other question I have is this - the doc has suggested I put him on goats milk for a few months and then revert back to cows milk...with his birthday tomorrow and party on Saturday is that a good thing to do? Is there potential that he'll react to the goats milk and be more sick than what he already is?

Should I wait for the results of the lactose test before changing anything?

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated, again!

Hmmm yes it is possible to become lactose intolerant for some time following a gastro bug.

I would have thought the Dr would have suggested trying just a lactose free milk instead of Goats milk though. In saying that though If he has been fine on dairy there shouldn't be any issues with giving him Goats milk & in fact it is gentler and easier to digest.

I would be inclined to try one of the lactose free ones first as they would be pretty much the the same composition as full cream milk if that's what he's having just without the lactose if that makes sense. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hurt to try and might just help with the pooping issues he's having.

Hopefully it's just a matter or changing his milk for a while

I'd get some probiotics , can buy the powder from most pharmacys. This will help restore the natural flora to his gut and slow down the frequency of him pooing
My now 18 month old was lactose intolerant so I made the switch to lactose free dairy (which I only became aware of its existence when needed) she has since grown out of it.
Also found some probiotics from health food shop which I think helped her gut a lot.
Soooo, the second poo test came back and my youngest is, in fact, lactose intolerant.

That being said, what do I do now??!!

For those of you with lactose intolerant little ones, what brand of milk, yoghurt and cheese did you buy? Things like biscuits, is their dairy so small that it doesn't matter or should we stay away from them too?

I bought both lactose free and soy milk tonight - is there one that's better than the other or is it a personal (taste) preference? I guess we should try both and see what he drinks better?

I'm glad we have an answer but now really stressed about EVERYTHING we feed him!

Thanks again for your advice!
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