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I'm a first time mum and I'm so confused with all the different brands of formulas. My ff baby is 7wks old and is spitting up a lot both after a feed when he is burped and at all random times and also has very green poos, im wanting to switch formula's to see if he stops spitting up so much but I have no idea which one to switch to, we are currently on nurture gold(we have to switch from this one soon anyway as I cant buy it anywhere anymore from where I live), have tried nurture original(made him constipated), S26 and SMA. Just wondering if anyone else has had this with there bubs and what formula could I try to see if it goes away. any help would be great!!!
I don't know much about Formula and I recommend you do get advice from a Doctor. But my SIL formula feeds and her baby vomits a lot.. after every feed. However, she is gaining good weight and is otherwise healthy and it doesn't seem to upset her.
She went to a paediatrician. She is using Karicare Aptamil. The paed said that since baby was otherwise doing well, the vomitting was more to do with her immature digestive system. She is also a baby who over eats and then throws up what she doesn't want. She has had no luck cutting back the feeds as her baby screams and screams for more.
The paed said this was common and that you have no choice but to feed her what she wants. The vomitting will correct itself as she becomes more mature. Therefore for her, changing formula wasn't going to solve the issue. She had also tried about 4 different ones and the vomitting was always the same.

Thanks for that information it has helped alot. i plan on seeing a doctor as well but just wanted to see if anyone else had come across this and becomes we need to change due to me not being able to get the formal he is currently on where I live anymore, was just curious as to what other people may have changed to.

I was not able to BF with my DS. I used Karicare as well. The advice my Paed gave me was that all formula is pretty much the same as the industry is highly regulated over here and they all have to have minimum nutritional benefits. Her suggestion was to find the most readily available and affordable and go with that.

FF can cause constipation and the green poo is not uncommon. FF babies tend to be a bit more chucky as well as they take on more wind sucking on a bottle than what a BF baby generally does.

Talk to your Dr to rule out any medical conditions - reflux, lactose intolerance etc. If it is wind you could try gripe water or infants friend. I used infants friend and while it did not stop the vomiting it certainly helped cut down the amount and the frequency.

If you like the formula you are using and don't want to change, consider purchasing it online and having it delivered to you. Try chemist warehouse or do a Google search by the brand name. It was a couple of years ago for me but I found buying online and in bulk would often work out cheaper even with delivery costs.

As for the constipation, again consult your DR for advice and ask if using prune juice in the bottles might be an option for you. This worked a treat for us and meant we did not need to go down the medication path.

My Dr said that green poo is a sign of lactose intolerance so I put my lil one on S26 LF and he has been fine since. I also use infants friend for wind and an irritated baby, the spewing should settle down after about 10 weeks as the gut has developed a bit more and can stand what is in it- advice from the community midwife!
For constipation I have used Coloxyl for infants and it works well you just put a little in the bottle.
Bear with it you are doing a good job, it will get easier.
NAN AR is the only AR formula with 100% whey protein so won't get constipated. I went through hell trying to find one that was right and this saved my life. Can only get from chemists
I have a midwife app tomorrow so I'm
Going to ask her, if she can't help me then ill go to a doctor! I guess it's just trial and error for each bub although it does seem that karicare is a good one to try with so many success stories! It's just hard being a first time mum and having no idea what I'm doing and no one to really consult to, the answers have really helped me though smile
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