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Solids and BF Lock Rss

This is probably a really silly question but I am going to ask anyway... my memory from DS is terrible. My DD has just started on solids and loving them. She is exclusively BF and I know that you offer boob before solids but how far apart do you do this. Milk and then solids or what???? Or does it not matter.

DD seems to be eating quite a bit, well more than I expected, so i wonder if I need to BF closer to the solids???
Hi, i breast fed the 4 of mine, for me i would substitute one bf for a solid meal, i would do that for a couple of days and then introduce 2 solid meals and skip 2 bf's. We just worked on it gradually, sometimes i would wait a week before introducing another meal of solids.
I didnt use baby food too much, i would just put whatever we were having in the little blender and blend it to how i desired, so for example if we had potato, steak, broccoli and carrots, i would put a bit of each into the blender. To start with i would blend it to a puree and then gradually leave it lumpier.
I agree with pp, milk is much more important at this stage, so you shouldn't be cutting down on milk. I would give milk first, but then again after a few weeks time it really doesn't matter which you offer first. The only important thing is not to drop any milk feeds, as they still need it at this stage.

i bf DS and then 30 mins later i will give him solids.

We'd do boob then solids 45-60 minutes after.

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