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Fussy Eater Rss

Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm starting to have troubles with my 10 month old boy. He's gone off his food completely and no matter what I try to feed him, he will gag and vomit. At first I put it down to him teething but now its happening every day. He's still gaining weight and is a big healthy boy but since I've had trouble feeding him he wakes up 3 or more times every night for a bottle. Its starting to take its toll on my sanity lol. Please help!!
I would have said teething aswell. I would try finger food as Little Miss's said. He might just want to do it himself.

I know my son wont eat snacks unless he can feed himself.

I've tried finger foods and letting him feed himself, even giving him what the rest of the family has (served the same, not all mashed together) but nothing seems to work.
Try a green smoothie? (a blended 'food' drink). cut the top off a teat bottle so the thicker liquid can get through.

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