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What is the best vegetable to go with apple?? Rss

Hi everyone!

I am trying to get my 7 month old intererested in vegetables rather than just apple which she seems content to live on if she could get away with it!
After getting some suggestions from people here, I am going to try and mix a vegetable in with the apple. I'm just not sure what is the best vegetable to try.

Any ideas??
I'd try pumpkin, it's pretty sweet and would taste good with apple.
I would stay away from fruits for a while & go with the sweet vegetables

so, sweet potato, sweet corn, pumpkin that sort of thing & then add in the more savoury vegies & fruits then become a 'desert' kind of thing - IYKWIM.

So hard sometimes.. GL
I tried staying away from fruit and gave her sweet potato and she wasn't interested at all.

I don't know. I'm just trying to think of a solution to the problem and I'm not sure what else to do.
be persistent.

sometimes you will need to offer something 4,5,6 times, before they actually take to it.

dont just give the sweet fruits straight up.. offer the veg first to at least try, then give something else, not even fruit.. toast, yoghurt anything but the fruit.
Carrot was a fave for ds when he started out. Quite high water content so won't be dry or pasty texture when puréed and quite sweet. Have you tried mixing in some breast milk or formula? Assuming your doing purée, otherwise carrot sticks steamed are a good blw option

Could also try avocado if you haven't already. Not much flavour at all so could be a stepping stone away from the sweetness

What about rhubarb. I can remember having apple and rhubarb pies when we were kids. Not sure if it's a fruit or veg. I know that it mushes up in pies but not pureeed it for my kids.

Just a thought.

A friend of mine told me she purée baked beans mixed with pumpkin I also made a chicken and veg soup which I drain the liquid and purée for my twins who are same age and they loved it. Just boiled in stock ( no salt ) left over roast chicken, pumpkin, sweet pot, celery , carrot - removed some liquid and blended!
Both mine loved apple & avocado puree as babies. It's not too sweet & of course, very healthy smile
Both mine loved apple & avocado puree as babies. It's not too sweet & of course, very healthy smile
A carrot goes fine with an apple.

I know how important it is for my kids to eat more vegetable. But the task of making them eat more vegetable is a very difficult one. I try to cut amd serve them beautifully to make my kids more interested in veggies. Just got a cool veggetable slicer that makes the task easier - more info here
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