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Thickener Lock Rss

Hi Everyone
Anastasia is now 3 months old and formula fed.
I have been giving her NAN HA Gold and over the last few weeks she has been getting reflux.
Medicine did not seem to help so it was suggested that I put a thickener in her bottles.
I use the Aptimal one and it stopped her reflux instantly!!
The only problem is she has had diarrhea for 4 days!!
The second days she had about 8 poopy nappies!!
Should I persist with the thicker or change her formula to Nan anti reflux??
Novalac and Ar formula get at chemist
s26 nan a AR formula get it at super market.

But check with dr before changing formula.
i used the karicare thickener & had the same problem with DS. His poops were almost instant after having a bottle & used to make me gag. I was told that it is made with a bean extract to help stop them getting constipated.
I played around with the amount of thickener until I came up with the right amount to stop the spewing, but also stop the runny poops.
It did ease up a few weeks after starting.
My DD has Silent Reflux & I use the Novalac Reflux formula... Its fantastic, Its chemist only but it is well worth talking to your GP or BHN about
Hi, my bub was on Gaviscon mixed with Nan Ha Gold. It made her poo very thick and pasty and sometimes she didn't poo for 2 days. When that happens, I give her a little bit of water between feedings. I must say that the only thing that really helped is time. She is better since she started solid, I think because it sort of thickens up her tummy's content.
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