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poly-joule and too much energy Lock Rss

dd has bee put on poly-joule as shes not gaining enough weight. she has always been an active bub, but her energy levels have ten folded. her bowel movements are normal, and im wondering why 10 mins after having p-j does it seem like ive fed her red cordial? im worried this much energy will make her loose weight as she can stay really energetic for up to 3 hrs. any ideas?
wow, my bub has been on poly-joule and i never noticed any change in her energy levels. I'm actually about to put her back on it so i'll keep an eye out for that now that you've mentioned this.
I think so long as she's not showing signs of low tolerence and she's still putting on weight then keep it up. Babies that don't get enough food can sometimes be very sleepy. So maybe that her way of showing that now she's getting what she needs?
Take care and Good luck smile
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