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Gets upset at dinner time Rss

My 10 month old ds eats a good breakfast - has weetbix and banana plus toast fingers, then has a full bottle. Morning tea is usually a biscuit or piece of fruit. Lunch is yoghurt plus a sandwich followed by a bottle. Afternoon tea depends on how long he sleeps for and then dinner is meat and veges then a bottle before bed. However lately at dinner time he will only eat a few spoonfuls and then proceeds to cry and flatly refuse anymore. Its very frustrating.

I have recently weaned him from the breast to the bottle and am wondering if the bottles have been filling him up more than the breast did? Do I cut out a bottle or what? Anyone's thoughts please....
i would think your suspicions are right - the formula is more filling than breastmilk, so after all the solids he is eating as well as bottles he is probably just not hungry for dinner. he seems to be eating quite a lot of solids, well compared to what my DS1 ate at that age anyway, but all babies are different. if it were me i would spread the solids out a bit more rather than drop a bottle before 12 months of age. but thats just me! grin

I also think it would be better to either spread out or cut the solids down (maybe no afternoon tea) before getting rid of a bottle, but again that's just me.

I hope you manage to resolve this issue without too many more tears. Good luck.
What time's dinner? Is it possible he's getting tired by then? Maybe try meat and veges after his nap instead of afternoon tea. Or maybe he's just starting to get fussy about the meat and veges as not as yummy as his other food or just not as nice when he's not so hungry. You could try swapping lunch and dinner menu. It's a more natural way to eat anyway with the biggest meal at breakfast, the 2nd biggest in the middle of the day and a smaller meal before sleeping.
hi every1, im a first time mum and i too have a 10month old u refuses to eat much of her solids, she also eats breakfast then a small square piece of toast then bottle, lunch is maybe a sandwhich or small veg and chick etc. For dinner i normally give her what we are eating she will eat a few mouth fulls when i feed her with my fingers but with the spoon she cant be bothered, but every lunch and dinner feed im at my wits ends i too am frustrated, and to add to all this she purely hates water!! Im really struggling with this i dont feel she is getting enough solids but she still has 3 to 4 bottles a day, any1 please give me some ideas.
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