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My DD is 5 1/2 months and has been taking farex of a morning for the past 2 weeks. I am really keen to get her onto vegies as an evening meal and am keen to make my own. Though I am a little clueless in some areas blink

1. How do most people puree? What little devices have you found most useful?
2.Do you need to add anything to the vegies to make it smoother - milk/water? ( DD is formula fed)
3.Does it have to be ultra pureed or fluffyish or just whatever bub is happy with?
4.How much?? (DD is a greedy guts smile )
5. How do you store the food you have pureed? freezer/fridge?
6. Does it need to be a certain temperature?

Goodness me I probably sound a little crazy asking so many questions laugh
i have a mini blender which is the best thing i was ever given. so handy.

i just simply boil the fruit or vegetable, then drain, but keep some of the liquid, and then blend. if it is a bit too course i add the water to soften it. in the beginning i made it extemely pureed.

i then bought these storage cubes which are like ice cube containers but with lids and would put the food in there. in the beginning i would use 1 cube of vegetable and 1 cube of fruit each feed for variety. i would just zap it in the microwave until it was warm.

good luck.
Hi Bubakus,

I make Max's food up in big batches. I usually steam vege and fruit all separately then use a bar mixer thingy to puree it up. I add formula if it needs more liquid or sometimes the water its cooked in. I then freeze in ice cubes trays and once frozen i put all vegetables in one container and all fruit in another container. That way i can grab out different combos each night. Tonight Max had a cube each of lentils, pumpkin, carrot and broc. I also defrost a cube or two of fruit each morning and add it to his cereal.

So far i've pureed potato, pumpkin, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, broc, lentils, peas and apple, pear, peaches, apricots and mixed berries. He loves it all, he's a piggy!!!

hope that helps.
I do the same as the previous members but when i have stewed apple and pear i have kept the juice left over and then mixed it in with her rice cereal. i sometimes mix the fruit and rice cereal together also
Hi all bubs are different and different things work.

Dd2 started on jar food as it was on special at the time. I found we had to mix farex in as it was too runny for her. With her veggies I just steam them and pureed with a stick blender to begin with. Pears and apples were just stewed and blended. The fruit didn't need more liquid but with the veggies I just added water. Then introduced cows milk in her potato. Peaches and apricots were the tinned variety pureed.

From 6 months I introduced more texture. She didn't like pureed meat but liked mince. So to her veggies added small pasta, rice, poached and shredded chicken, peas,and beef stews. I can remember I think about 9 months she started eating diced peaches and apricot. I found she didn't like pureed fruit so I mashed it roughly.

Now at 11 months I find just what we eat for casseroles is fine for her. She isn't so into chewing on a piece of meat but does like rissoles. She likes veggies so I put them in everything. Dd1 feeds her frozen peas while I get dinner smile She still only manages the small pasta but she tries the bigger pieces but can't grind them well. She is just started to get better with finger food but has her moments.

I use ice cube trays and then into zip lock bags. Also take and toss and decor containers are useful. Dh takes the small decor ones to work with his yogurt.

How much depends on your baby. I bf and dd2 started solids at 4 months. I would give her a full bf, about 1/3 of a jar (or there abouts) and a bf. I think when ff you keep doing bottle first until 9 months. Dd1 didn't eat much until 9 months but dd2 loves her food. We just feed them slowly to give them a chance to realise they are full.

I don't keep cooked food in the fridge for more then 24 hours. Or say we are having pasta for dinner- I use the left overs for lunch or dinner the following day. Then it's straight into the freezer. If i'm going out I have a lunch bag and take a frozen water ice pack- I like the decor ones as they are drink bottle as well- and often pull frozen fruit from the freezer.

I hope that helps. We have gotten dd2 on to as much family food as possible as soon as possible. She is a good eater or though as some things she won't eat. Some babies take to texture straight a way and some kids won't eat of a spoon at all. Just see how you go.
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