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What does everyone give their babies for morning & afternoon tea?


I usually go for something like fruit, biscuits, bread sticks, sultanas. Then there are days when I will give her something 'nice' like a donut, cake or ice block.

My bub doesnt have morning and afternoon tea, we are still working towards 2-3 solid meals a day and she has her bottles (she's 7 months).

With my first we introduced morning and afternoon tea once she was weaned off bottles so around 14 months - there was no time in her routine or space in her tummy for snacks as well as meals and milk before then. I'd say we'll do same with No. 2 but maybe she'll be off formula before 14 months... will see how we go.
My DS is almost 12 months and eats morning and afternoon tea most days. He gets one of these: toast (buttered or with vegemite), fruit toast, yoghurt, banana, custard (home made so low in sugar), cheese stick, or other fruit. If I've let the cupboard get bare, then I have been known to give him cereal. (Same as brekkie, but he doesn't care). We have recently given him egg, to now I plan to include things like pikelets or bits of muffin as options.
With DS i use to give him fruit for morning tea (and always fruit so then i knew he had at least eaten some fruit for the day) and afternoon tea i would give raisen toast, crumpets, savoury biscuits, home made muffins, yoghurt, custard, cheese, sultanas, more fruit, half sandwich so endless options.

I found if you always give fruit in the morning and then afternoon snack can have a huge variety. ALso so many diff fruits out there out chn shouldnt get bored of it if you rotate it.
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