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can't eat yoghurt... Lock Rss

My DS is 8 months and loves weetbix with full cream milk, cheddar with his veges/meat, or ricotta cheese. But if I give him yoghurt - even the baby Yoplait - he vomits it up later. I tried a little bit mixed into his fruit tonight - smaller vomit but it still happened. Anyone got any advice? Seems kinda weird to me.
It sounds like he is getting plenty of calcium; maybe yoghurt upsets his little tummy? Maybe wait a couple of months and try again? My DD is the opposite, she will eat yoghurt but not cheese, doesn't make her sick, she just wont eat it on its own.
Interesting that you have the same issue... My now 17 months old has no known allergies, eats ad drinks absolutely everyting (including nuts, cows milk, etc) and is generally a very good eater. However I had noticed in his first year of life that some yogurts make him vomit. I have never found out what ingredient is the problem but I can tell you that "Baby Yoplait" made him vomit and "Vaalia 1st yogurt" didn't. Perhaps it is worth a try? The vanilla one are really good.

Actually, I'm since then only buying brands which don't make him vomit. I may try the baby Yoplait again - perhaps the problem has gone...
Maybe he doesn't like it? My DS doesn't like yoghurt at all, screws his face up and spits it out!

Thanks all for the feedback. Interesting to hear that someone else had a similar experience.
i only give my DD yogurt during the day. i dont knwo what it is but she spews it up at night! i couldnt say if it had a connection but it seems to work. good luck! lol

Maddison Sarah- 19/08/2008

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