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What food is your 8 month old eating? Lock Rss

Hello everyone,

Just curious to see what your 8 month olds are eating? Tahlia is still on very pureed foods and can not swallow something that is a little harder than pureed foods. I was told that she should be eating bread/toast by now but I thought babies could not have this until 9 months to 12 months of age. What do you think? got any suggestions? would love to read what your bubs are eating - hoping to give me some ideas.

Cheers, Angelique

My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

Hi, My 8 month old is eating toast fingers but she continually sucks on them until they are the way she likes them. She also loves weetbix, banana, grapes, alphagetti and a tuna casserole I make. Other than that her main food consists mainly of pureed foods. Hope this helps.

ayla (4 months), jordan(4yrs), maddys(7yrs)

Hi, my 8 month old is mostly eating mashed soft foods. I do offer him finger foods like toast/bread, banana, soft fruit, sultanas, cooked vege fingers, but he mainly sucks them and spits them out. My CHN told me that I should be offering less mushy foods and moving towards minced, mashed or grated and finger foods, that he can eat himself. I think if I left him to that he wouldn't actually swallow anything. At least I know that while I'm spoon feeding him, he's eating enough. I have been offering finger foods first and then spoon feeding him. I guess he'll eventually learn to chew and swallow lumpy foods. He does know how to eat a milk arrowroot biscuit though!


hey angelique
just read your post & i'm glad u guys r talking about this subject.i also have some problems with feeding my 8 month old main concern is he doesnt take water whatsoever.i tried so many times with the cup.he just chews on it & plays with it.he also refuses juice.his only fluid intake is milk & even now he's suddnely turned off it as well.he only takes like 100 mls 3 time a day.i add 50 or 100 mls to his food here & there.he refuses to feed finger fod at all.i tried many things.milk arrow root,pieces of cheese,banana,cokked pieces of vege or fruit.he just doesnt wana fed himself.although when he was 4 months old he was chewing in the teething rusks like there was no 2moro.he still pregers vegatables,meat,chicken or fish pureed not finely chopped.he gags too much on the chopped or mashed fod & ends up vomiting it.he does eat toasted bread with banana & avocado spread.i cut it into small pieces & he takes piece bu piece from my hand & chews & swallows but if i leave it for him or try to put it in his hand he'll never ever eat it.he just holds it,pulls a face at it & throws it on the floor.he does eat a variety of food like scramnled eggs,weetbix,porridge,babay cereal,pureed fruits,vegetables,beef,checken,fish..but my only concern like i said is finger food,water & juice(fluids in geenral).also wanted to know shall i really worry that he isnt taking enough milk??my nurse told me dont GP actually told him give him chocolate milk!!! that possible?sorry to sound selfish or making it all abt me.i guess what i wanna tell u is not to worry & that my little one has his problems too.i guees they're all different & do things at their own pace.we're justsharing information,tips & suggestions.
randa,mom of yaseen,8 months

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

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