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Standing in cot Lock Rss

I would almost guarantee this has already be posted but please help! My 8 month old stands in her cot and cries and cries. She was settling herself well to go to sleep but now stands and can't get back down. She just continues to cry. I go in, lay her down and she immediately stands up again. This process can repeat itself up to 20 times with her in tears.
It happens through day naps and night time sleep and I'm not sure what to do.

Tamsyn, Melbourne, Morgan 6.9.05

Hi Tamsyn,

It so great to hear that there is someone else out there that is experiencing the same problem. My daughter is nearly 10 months old and is doing the same thing. She has always had a dummy for bed time and when she started teething I was getting up during the night all the time to put it back into her mouth. About 5 weeks ago I went cold turkey with the dummy and for the first 2 nights she slept right through but ever since then she has been waking at least 2 times during the night and will stand at the end of her cot until I come in and then she wants me to pick her up and cuddle her back to sleep. I am starting to get very frustrated with this too and would love to hear other mums thoughts. I went to visit my HN the other day about this and she suggested I just let her cry it out. Eventually she will get emotionally drained and full asleep. The 1st night she was still standing and crying for 50 minutes and eventually I couldn't stand it any longer and did go into her to settle her.
Can't wait to hear from others soon.

michelle, QLD, 6mth baby girl

Hi,my bub does this too but I dont pick him up. I go in and tell him its time for bed and maybe give him a little kiss on the cheek and I leave.......sometimes it takes a while (45mins) but he does eventually go from standing to sitting to falling asleep. Over the past couple of weeks it has worked a treat and now if I do have to go in at all I just give a quick kiss and he hops back down on his own for me to put the covers on him and he goes to sleep.
All I can say is perservere as it will get better. We had many tears from him while he was learning this - everything from fully cracking it and banging his cot to stop start whinging, but I knew that nothing was wrong with him (because in the begining I would go in to check and twice he laughed at me!!) So I got stubborn and now it is great most days.
Good luck

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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